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tanksnews Posts: 175
have just got BFP, which actually happened alot quicker then we thought it would, so caught us unprepared. Ive currently got VHI first plan plus coverage, which I think has some maternity benefits. However is is too late to upgrade plans or change suppliers? Id looked into VIVA & Quinn early December but never got round to switching. From what I remember even if I switch , the new policy will come into effect immediately but only for the benefits that were covered on my previous policy, any additional benefits have a waiting period. Have dr appoint for next monday, cant get thru to VHI. & reckon am about 5 weeks gone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd be very careful changing, as some policies make youi wait 12 months to cover you for new things, like a pregnancy. We only found out last month that DH's work is changing their provider in January from VHI to Quinn. I'm covered under his healthcare and there was all a bit of a panic about it as my pregnancy wouldn't have been covered. But they were such a large company that it got waivered - thank God!
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
Yeah Id imagine theres a wait period to stop people paying for a cheap plan and then switching over to a better one the second they need better cover (makes sense really). However, Im also on the first plan on the cost of your private maternity care [i:3pq1kxej]is[/i:3pq1kxej] covered (I think the stipulation was once you are going private at a public hospital they pay everything, and a certain amount if you go to a fully private hospital eg Mt Carmel). Whatever hospital you are going to on Monday will also be able to tell you if they accept VHI insurance cover. I pay for the consultant myself but my hospital stay and delivery are paid for by VHI. Im also doing combined care which covers GP visits at certain weeks. Its costing me €4500 for the consultant which includes scans and all visits - other consultants were cheaper though. Details of whats covered here: ... Pl_Plus_L1 Mother and child benefits *[b:3pq1kxej] Full cover for up to 3 days private accommodation in a public hospital[/b:3pq1kxej] or an allowance of €2,275 for up to 3 days accommodation in a private maternity hospital. * Pre- & post-natal care in the year of birth, up to €250 * Up to €2,275 towards the medical expenses incurred for a home birth. * You are also entitled to free cover for your newborn baby until your next renewal date.