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MrsDelight Posts: 206
Have a family gathering this saturday for with hubbys family and we had already figured out how to get away with me not drinking.... poor out the coors light and fill with h2O :) But ....Just been told that our bestman and best friend has got engaged so want so have a big celebration on tomorrow on the lash!!!!! and usually I am not a big drinker but when I celebrate i CELEBRATE :hic How can I get away with them not noticing??? Also I am soooo tired at the moment and have headaches more or less everday and TBH ALL I want to do this weekend is stay in my PJ's and CHILL.... To make it worse they have set the date for their wedding for mid may .... wait for it.... in MEXICO..... and wait...... Hubby is to be his best man and its only us and a few other people they are inviting........I am due early april???? :ooh ahhhh I sooooo confused...
queenmama Posts: 418
I wouldn't think too much about the wedding at the minute, God only knows what could happen between now and then, you could have baby early or their plans could change. Or you may have to give it a miss, I am missing a close wedding abroad due to babs but although it once upset me now I'm so focused on my own event to come that it doesn't matter, OH is going to go alone if all is still intact with me!! Re the drinking, I stuck to soft drinks, am usually a vodka drinker so that was handy. I told close friends who helped me out on the night, I figured if anything bad happened with pg I would have confided in them anyway so didn't mind telling before the 12 week mark. Is there anyone who could help out like that? You could be in a "round" with them?
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Oh no, everything seems to come at once when you get pregnant! Same happened me had a good few nights out 50th birthdays, christenings etc all before I was 12 weeks and of course NOTHING since everyone knows!!! Could you say your not feeling well and maybe meet up with them for a few drinks and order Becks the non-alco beer and pour it into a glass at the counter? And make your excuses after a few and go home early? Or else just dont go out at all. They will probably be suspect but sure there's nothing you can do really! Bit sh!tty about the wedding being so close - Im sure you'd love to go but it might be cutting it fine?
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Think you are going to have to be straight up with them and tell them as soon as is respectable - as in when you have told your families. They are going to find out one way or another! How far are they into their planning? When you say they have set a date, do you mean that they have everything booked or that they have decided a date themselves?? And is Mexico definite? If not that could change if family members object. They are high now on the news of their engagement and plans could change yet. Either way, I really can't see you being able travel long distance with a very young baby. Very difficult one for you but I think the wellbeing of you and your baby has to come first. If they are such close friends I am sure they will understand your predicament. You can't plan for these things - such is life. If they are having such an exclusive wedding I am sure they are likely to have a party at home when they get back that you could more easily get a sitter for and participate in. Believe me, once your baby arrives their wedding will not be your priority!
MrsDelight Posts: 206
yeah true i suppose.... :) Well Hubby said he would drink my drinks :) and just get me soft drinks to pretend its vodka ... or fill my beer bottle with water ... should be fun.... just our little secret. Because I am only 6 wks we dont want to really tell anyone yet.... may tell hubby's mum alright... They havent set at specific date yet... only said mid may next year and that they wanted to go to mexico...... as u said... that could change.... fingers crossed :)
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
A friend of mine said she had a kidney infection and couldnt drink cos of antibiotics! worked a charm, and noone said anything! defo think im goin to use that one!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
antibiotics for tooth infection is a good one. flagyl is the only antibiotic that will make you projectile vomit if you drink!! and its generally only used for tooth ache.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
[quote="PregnantDancer":e80kxqhi]antibiotics for tooth infection is a good one. flagyl is the only antibiotic that will make you projectile vomit if you drink!! and its generally only used for tooth ache.[/quote:e80kxqhi] Yep, worth having a name of something! I've seen girls get caught out here on Hen nights because one of the girls happened to be a pharmacist and asked what tablets she was on!