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Anon4themo Posts: 4
Hi im a long time user here but wanted to go anon for this one. A good friend of mine started seeing this guy about 4 months ago. He is from another part of the country to us but is working in the area. Anyway I dont really like this guy very much and dont trust him one bit. When my friend started seeing him she didnt really make time for any of her friends anymore and had pretty much dropped all of us. Then she found out that he is actually seeing someone at home (he was going home most weekends) and she broke up with him and swore that she had enough and no way was she getting back with him. While it was off she started getting in touch with her friends again. Well low and behold she is back with him now and has dropped us all again. She has no time for us all now again. I have taken the attitude of well feck her its her loss etc. My only problem is now, that I had foolishly asked her to do a prayer of the faithful and my mass booklets have been printed and im concerned that she will have some reason on the day of the wedding not to attend (she has recently pulled out of things that have been organised that she promised she would be there), So basically if she doesnt turn up should I get someone else to fill in in her place and read the prayer or should i just skip it rather than draw attention to the fact that she is not there?
cathycam Posts: 335
Does the person saying a prayer before her know this girl?? If they do, they'll be able to see she's not there on the day, and you could get them to say 2! Don't skip the prayer - you've obviously picked prayers that you want on your day, so why miss one just cos of a silly friend (in loosest sense of the word).
laura1982 Posts: 174
Im with Cathycam. Just get someone else to do it and say that your frind cant attend the wedding!!!!! Sure nobody is gonna notice if you change things around anyway!!!!!
Yoda Posts: 3340
This happened at a wedding that I was a couple of weeks ago, the bride's brother chickened out at the last minute and one of the groom men's girlfriend did the prayer instead so just have a stand in in case No one commented even if it was noticed or they all thought the girl's name was David :o0 As for your friend, just let her know that her friends are not impressed at being dumped everytime the fella calls her and tell her she should make time for everyone in her life or she will end up dumped and no one to talk to :wv
Anon4themo Posts: 4
Thanks girls I was just getting worried about how it would look. She will be the talk of the place if she doesnt turn up so I just didnt want to draw attention to the fact that she is not going to be there... She knows exactly what we all think of him and her carry on and it still makes no difference, she is a very foolish girl!
laura1982 Posts: 174
Sounds like you letting her cast a black cloud on your big day!!!!! I mean the weather is crappy enough at the moment!!! Just sit down, explain to her how your feeling and if she is a true friend worth holding onto then she will realise what she needs to do!!!!!! Dont let her ruin your day
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv I would definitely get someone else to do. If she backs out, i would personally never speak to her again..