Aer Lingus Flights Cancelled

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Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Yesterday a flight to Boston was cancelled, today two flights to New York and Chicago have been cancelled. These fvcking rostering rows that go on within Aer Lingus, make me so mad. >:o( At a time when the country is on it's knees, jobs being lost every day, people struggling to make ends meet, would some one please explain to me what bloody changes to the roster have been made this time to warrant the grounding of flights?? I'll also add that I did work for Aer Lingus at one stage, just temporarily while between jobs. I got more work covered in the 6 months I was there than the other four in the office covered in the previous 3 years. While doing this I answered all their phones and fobbed off customers / suppliers that my colleagues were in meetings, on another call at the moment, just stepped out of the office etc. Every time any member of management stepped into the office and asked anybody to do anything, they were out with their job contracts, union folders, onto the shop steward etc. I used to laugh along with them at the time but deep down I did not agree with their attitude and as a result could never see myself working in such an environment long term.
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
Im at a loss to understand it also Jane. It seems everytime AL try to make changes to save money and keep the company afloat the Cabin crew (or their union) has some problem with it. If all the other groups - pilots, ground crew etc can accept the changes I dont see how the cabin crew cant. Surely their working conditions havent been changed more drastically than everyone elses?