aerlingus baggage

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buddylove Posts: 3288
Hey Thinking of buying my wedding dress online and getting it delivered to my sister who is going over in Feb to the states. Just wondering if you have the dress in a box ehich im sure it will be , will aerlingus accept this as baggage or do they put it as cargo or whats the story?? Was thinking of getting her to buy a large suitcase but dont want the dress to be wrecked. I think if she takes the tags off there wont be customs. Anyone have experience of this??
I also flew with Aerlingus with my wedding dress. If you have a look on their website they say they are fine with wedding dresses but the dimensions of the box have to be that of normal hand luggage. In the end I bought a huge metal case and checked it in. It was fine. Thought it would get creased in a small box so thought this was the best way to do it. I really like Aerlingus and fly with them whenever I can.
buddylove Posts: 3288
thanks naughty daisy.. Thats a great comfort to know. Was thinking the same that I will get a suitcase for it as i think it could be damaged or creased easier in the box. Thanks again. O-O