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Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
[quote="nadyhead":1opv9d8z]Neither. I think they're both crap. There is no comfort in air travel at all anymore. But if I have to fly it's Aer Lingus.[/quote:1opv9d8z] +1 I agree that Aer Lingus in better in relation to seat allocation & the staff may be slightly less of a pain, but both are anal in relation to baggage issues - weight and size. I have bad experiences of both. The main thing I can't stand about Ryanair is all that yellow in the plane - gives me a pain in the head.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
I've never flown with RyanAir before. They never seem to suit our plans so its just worked out that way. I've flown with BMI, US Airways, Air Canada and Aer lingus lots. I always thought I wouldn't mind flying with RyanAir but now after reading some of these posts I'm not too sure.....
lastminutebride Posts: 785
Ryanair is horrible. It's like every aspect of the experience has been carefully designed to drum it into your head that Michael O'Leary thinks you're subhuman. We flew with them because they were the only airline that could get us to my brother's wedding. That's probably the only reason in the world that I'd touch them with a barge pole. Edited to add: From what I've seen, they usually work out at almost the same price as Aer Lingus. The fare itself might be cheaper, but then you add in the baggage fee, the check-in fee, the check-out fee, the check-this-out fee, the online booking fee, the offline booking fee, the out-of-line booking fee, the oxygen fee, the left-handedness fee, the Monday fee and the jam fee, and there's not a lot in it.
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Depends where I'm flying to and the cost. Have flown with both loads of times and for short flights wouldn't find a major difference. We flew return to London last year with Ryanair for €20 total for both of us! Can't go wrong for that price! For longer flights would go with Aer Lingus for comfort element. We flew with Ryanair to Malta a few yrs ago and wasn't comfortable at all. Seats don't go back so hard to sleep. Was like being on a bus for hours! As for staff I've seen lovely staff on flights with both companies and not so nice ones too.
streaks Posts: 3592
Well I finally bite the bullet today and booked the flights with Ryanair! Im sure when the time comes il be annoyed but i really couldnt justify the extra e150 for the sake of a 40 minute flight! [quote="Jane Smith":1n88nvqz] With regards your issues with safety....take it from someone who works in the aviation industry, flying is one of the safest methods of transport, the Irish Aviation Authority really is an excellent body in safety regulation and finally Ryanair fleet of aircraft is actually far newer than that of Aer Lingus so you have absolutely nothing to worry about in that regard. :wv[/quote:1n88nvqz] JS Thanks for that info it actually put my mind at ease and i said feck it they're probably actually every bit as safe if not safer than aer lingus so I just booked it! Lets hope i remember your wise words when hitting the airport! :-8
Sally76 Posts: 525
I'll fly with whoever is cheaper. Unless you're going on a really long flight, who cares about whether you get an in-flight magazine, etc etc? I fly with Ryanair all the time, for both business and pleasure. If Aer Lingus are cheaper, then I fly with them. Ryanair don't have extra charges if you know the rules and stick to them. It's as simple as that. There are also ways to get around the booking charges - use a pre-paid Neteller card when booking. Carry your toiletries in a clear sandwich bag and don't pack everything you own. As for safety, I wouldn't have any fear about that, at all. Enjoy your trip!
Shazl Posts: 357
I would only fly with Ruinair if I can't afford to fly with anyone else. Myself and H2B have agreed on a figure that we would pay extra to Aerlingus to fly with them - at the moment it's €50, i.e. if the Aerlingus flights are up to €50 more than Ruinair we'll buy Aerlingus. And this figure goes up every time Michael O'Leary opens his mouth. The guy is so obnoxious, I have the ground he walks on. He treats his customers with distain once he has their money. I hate giving the guy my money, but unfortunately, I can't afford not to fly with them.
skitchums Posts: 1283
I avoid Ryanair is at all possible I can't stand the whole rushing for seats. I'd rather pay that bit more with Aer Lingus
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
hey i fly with Ryanair all the time, i have been going back and forward to london for the laqst 2 years, 1 year living in Ireland, 1 yr living here in uk. Ryanair are always the best price and for me that matters the most. I cant afford to fly aer lingus. I flew it once in the snow when ryaniar didnt fly due to snow and aerlingus cost me E150 for a weekend!! Aer lingus are above and beyond in service but Ryansir really are not that bad. The last flight i had with RA, my husband was sick during flight and both air stewards from both ends of plane helped us out, i am a nurse and their service was really nice. I am also a bad flyer and thought RA would never 'be there for me', but they were there for me and my husband, i was very appreciative. honeslty, if i had a choice, i would pcik aer lingus, but RA prices get me everytimme, for the shorthaul from London to dublin, i get to the top of non0priority and have no probs with that, get on and pick my window seat no prob. really is worth it in my eyes, NEVER waitied on a bag or anything. Aerlingus handluggage is 7kg, RA is 10kg. HTH
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
sorry for above spellings, had 2 old pals over this eve and another old reserve!!