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skitchums Posts: 1283
If I was a frequent flyer and going on a shorthaul flight then I would no doubt be flying with RA but regarding holidays etc I'll fly with Aer Lingus rather than RA
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Oh it's price all the way for me too. I've been flying with Ryanair for years, on an almost monthly basis for work, and also for trips home, and honestly I've never had any problems with luggage, service, safety etc etc. As others have said, there's nothing sneaky about their rules and restrictions, if you're flying Ryanair then you know where you stand. I have it down to a fine art now. I had to get a British Airways flight for work recently, and when I put my bag on the scales at check-in the guy burst out laughing and said "you must be a Ryanair regular, that bag weighs 14.9 kilos exactly". I agree that I like the fact that Aer Lingus allow you to reserve your seat, and that they have a more generous checked-bag allowance (but definitely worth noting that the cabbin baggage allowance is less than Ryanair's). But the differences in price can be staggering, even when you take all the charges, credit-card fee etc into account. I wouldn't pay €200 more for a weekend home just to have a pre-booked seat. Having said that - for a break in December I'm fying home with Aer Lingus - but this is purely because when I booked the flights back in September, they had a sale on, and so did the SNCF (train ticket to Charles de Gaulle has to be taken into account) so my total journey cost less than getting to Charleroi for Ryanair, parking etc. But Ryanair's ticket was astonishingly more expensive than the Aer Lingus price, I was actually very surprised.
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
for me it would really depend on price but if theres only a small bit in the difference it would be Aer Lingus for me.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
I flew with Aer Lingus only a couple of weeks ago and the amount of bags and size being brought into the cabin was way more than Ryanair would allow - most people had 2 carry on items with them. The plane wasn't full but all the overhead bins were.
Terri1 Posts: 1158
Ryanair to the UK definitely. Far cheaper imo. Don't care about the rush to get on or the baggage allowance, just the price. However I've heard that Dublin to European places, Ryanair fly to airports that are a bit out of the city so wonder would you pay the extra bit in taxis into the city? Also am I the only one who likes Michael O'Leary??? He took hold of Ryanair and turned it into a multi-billion euro industry. Also I find him strangely attractive >:o) :-8 >:o) >:o) :-8 >:o) :-8 :-8 :-8 :-8 :-8
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
I'll fly either, it will all depend on the price. I've never had a problem with Ryanair. Aer lingus on the other hand!! They left us stranded abroad last yeay wtih the cold weather after cancelling our flight and no one was at the airport to give any information, The next flight home wasnt for 4 days!. Ryanair flew home from the exact same destination and time and had no problem with the weather. Another time with Aer Lingus, we were left waiting for board while the pilot got off the plane and went shopping in duty free, When he got back on board we were then allowed to board only to be left waiting again at the door of the plane because the air stewards were at the back of the plane having a chin wag. The ramp handler had to call them twice to come and let us board. Say what you like about Ryanair, but that would never happen with them.
zoesmama Posts: 2774
If I'm flying on my own or with just DH i don't mind Ryanair but if we have the kids with us I will try and avoid Ryanair tbh. What I love about AL is being able to select your seat, the fact that they still allow people with kids to board first, and their relaxed attitude to hand baggage. When travelling with kids i find i always have more hand luggage. Flew to Edinburgh a few years ago on my own with Ryanair and having witnessed their treatment of one woman travelling alone with a toddler I swore I would never fly with them and the kids.