Afraid to go dress shopping.

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luk Posts: 61
Hi, Im due to marry next June and cannot face dress shopping. Ive never been a "skinny minny' always size 12/14. Two years ago a very close family member died and I found solace in the biscuit tin O:| . I rejoined reality and ww last May and have lost a measly 8lbs....Im really struggling with it and beginning to think, "Whats the point?, Im never going to lose a decent amount for the wedding" :(. We've loads done for the wedding at this stage and the next thing really is dress shopping but I just cant face it...Im still a size 16 at a push. Im so afraid I'll go to a wedding shop and nothing will fit me and I'll burst into tears....Its putting a total downer on my wedding prep and has diminished any excitment I had about it all. Everybody else is so excited, bridesmaids, mam etc... I really dont want to go to a plus size bridal shop....I want to be able to enjoy my wedding photos, not cringe like I do when I get caught by cameras at the moment. All I want to do is cry and put off dress shopping for as long as possible. Any one have any advice or feeling the same?
stickwoman Posts: 2394
I was in the same mindset you are in now before I got married. I'm a 16 and I thought I was huge, sample dresses were not even going to go over my little toe, never mind across my ample bossom!! I actually nearly hyperventalited before going into the first shop as I had myself convinced they'd laugh me out of it and tell me to come back 2 stone lighter. Couldn't have been more wrong. What I would say is do your research before you book appointments. There were two shops in Dublin I knew only stocked small sample sizes, so I avoided those. I went to Alexanders Bridal in Dublin and they were absolutely fabulous, couldn't recommend them highly enough. They were lovely. Obviously they picked up that I was bricking it because I couldn't have hidden it even if I wanted to! The samples might not close fully, but they put a panel in the back. I can't remember where else I went... I definitely went to two other shops in Dublin and both were great. Plenty to try on. However, I did end up going to Ruben's Bridal in Kildare, which is a plus size shop. First thing Catherine said to me was that I was tiny, which definitely put me at ease. It was lovely to be able to try a dress on "properly". They have a wonderful choice and I wouldn't let the fact that it's a "plus size" shop put you off at all!! I ended up going from panic attack before the first shop to prancing around like a princess in the last one!
Rinky Dinky Posts: 10
I second Alexanders - I was like you, absolutely dreaded the thought of going shopping and trying on dresses, but they were really good and narrowed it down to the styles that suited me and never made me feel out of place. My mum and dad came with me, and when I saw the look on my dad's face when I came out in the dress I ended up buying, I felt amazing. Funnily enough, once I found my dress I was really motivated as I felt so good in it that I did really well on the weightloss from then on. Not sure what style you like, but I've PMed you two dresses that knocked pounds off me just by trying them on and had a corset back so it was really comfortable and easily adjustable.
luk Posts: 61
Hi girls Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Im going to bite the bullet and definitely go looking at dresses over the next few weeks. Thanks for the recomendations of the shops too. I will give them a look :)
Bubblylass Posts: 61
Hi Luk I completely understand how you feel. I have always skirted around the 16 mark - sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller (but not by much) and as a result don't generally like going shopping. I would highly recommend the Bridal Boutique in Fairview. It's where I got my dress. They have some amazing dresses and the girls are all so lovely and friendly. I knew I didn't want a mermaid style dress but still wanted to try one on just in case. In other boutiques, I couldn't try them on as they wouldn't go anywhere near my hips. But in the Bridal Boutique they stocked this style of dress in an 18. I tried it on and was delighted that I could discount that style of dress without always wondering what it would have looked like. I mentioned to the girls that it was great that they stocked slightly larger sizes and they said that they couldn't understand why you would stock only size 10s when girls come in all shapes and sizes! Best of luck with the shopping - relax and enjoy it!