after c-section - baths/shower/infection??

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leo20 Posts: 309
I am due to have elective section next week - just wondering in the days/weeks after section what is the best way for wound to heal, should you ? Shower and and air dry and caldesine powder? Bath with epson salts? How often clean it? Leave bandage on for few days/weeks? Use a cream/disenfect? ANy advise appreciated? x
Ladybirds Posts: 445
I had an emsc so slightly different in terms of recovery to an elective, so I have been told anyway. My bandage was taken off about 10 hours after the section. My catheter was removed then also and I was told to have a shower then. After the shower I had to put a bgp (big green pad!) over the incision and obviously I was wearing one the conventional way also! I did this for the five days I was in hospital post-section. My stitch was removed on day five. When I got home I was advised to leave the wound air dry or use the cold setting on my hairdryer after a shower and also not to have a bath for two weeks. I didn't put anything on the wound (as in creams or lotions) but I took arnica religiously for about four weeks afterwards. In terms of other advice, I would say not to overdo it. My son was in neonates for three days after his birth and I pumped so they could feed him during the night. I got a full night sleep for those first days and I attribute it to a great recovery. My husband was off work for two weeks after we came home and he was a great help in terms of surviving - ie cooking, cleaning etc so I could focus on looking after myself and the babe. I also limited visitors both at home and in hospital. Don't forget that in addition to having a newborn you also are recovering from major surgery. And my top tip for the drive home is a pillow for over your tummy for the seatbelt and any roadbumps!! Hope everything goes to plan - looking forward to hearing of your new arrival :wv
ttc2012 Posts: 661
Nothing to add, would second al lthe above, i wore a pad too (very attractive them green ones) just to protect it, i stayed in my PJs most of the days when i got home for the first week. I showered everyday and let air at my wound, my stitches were disolvable after 2wks so that was grand. I took it easy, didnt over do it. I was so lucky my MIL cleaned the house for me coming home and coz i couldnt move about much not much mess was being made lol! I couldnt sit on our couch coz its quite low so i borrowed a wicker chair from a fmaily member and sat on it with a cushion under me and behind my back for the first 3 days home then alternated between it and the couch for a few days until i was comfortable pulling myself off the couch. I also used a feeding cushion to hold DS' weight it was a godsend, he was 9lb 9oz but even with a smaller baby its supporting their weight so less on you. Good luck x
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
My bandage removed after 2 days I think. Told to let water drain over scar but keep suds away from it. Also had dissolvable stitches & told to let as much air at it as possible. No problems with recovery.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
God no I wouldn't go putting anything on it! I didn't have any bandages either time only those steri-strips that they said to leave on and they will come away after about a week in the shower. Stitches were disolvable. Was told in hospital to pat the wound dry with the paper wipes they had in the bathroom, at home I used kitchen roll. Healed perfectly both times. Best of luck!
yeah Posts: 109
I've had 2 a emergency in 2011 and planned 4 weeks ago. Both times I done things differently except I washed it every day and dabbed it dry with a towel, 2011 first dressing came off after 1 day then had a padded dressing with witch hazel over it which I changed twice a day or soon if needed for about a week, healed lovely and no infection or weeping. This time dressing came off. After 1 day and advised to keep it uncovered, advised to take baths with tea tree drops but instead I washed it with a wet facecloth with a few drops of tea tree instead for about a week. Healing lovely. Best advice I can give is get moving as soon as you can even just around your bed every hour or so, take every painkiller going even if you don't need it, you will. Arnica is brilliant , keep it clean, shower or bath daily, do what feels comfortable if you feel safer having it covered change the dressing regularly. Hope it goes well for you.
Zizigirl Posts: 40
Hey I had a section two weeks ago nearly and the recovery has been great. I was really fearing the worst. I was sectioned on the Monday, catheter out on tues morning but wasn't allowed to shower until wed where I'd to take off dressing in the shower. Have showered every day since, it's the best way to keep it clean. I was told not to bath for at least two weeks! Like OP I have taken arnica 30c in water every day since surgery and this together with being active in pregnancy has given me speedy recovery. I didn't get much sleep in the hospital but sleep has been better since we came home. I have been able to do housey stuff like the washing and cooking but absolutely no lifting, other than baba, and no twisty housework. Also have not been bending at all. One thing I wasn't prepared for was by one week after surgery I had a terrible amount of pain above the incision inside my belly, but this coincided with coming off pain killers and its normal. Pain has decreased over this second week. It really is manageable as a physical thing, I found the baby blues and establishing BF much worse! I'm not fully there with the BF as sectioned babies don't always play ball with latching but its getting better. Arnica is definitely the one thing I couldn't have been without! Get some sleep now and if you are planning on BF, get to a group now as not driving afterward is a killer! Good luck
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Hi dont worry you'll be fine, I had a section a few weeks ago. had disolvable stitches and like busydee had steristrips. I showered every day after the first day and kept the wound really really dry after I actually got a hair drier to it from a distance as others had recommended that. I was advised not to put anything on it. I took Arnica 200cc its strong and took it 3 times a day its fantastic and I had an amazing recovery. Take all the drugs offered even if you feel ok as it will become painful for the first few days, but nothing bad at all. Its a wonderful experience i hope you enjoy every minute of it. xx
Delphinium Posts: 3027
After my section I was told "no lotions, no potions", plain water only. No moisturisers, oils or talcs and no baths in the early days anyway. You'd possibly find it sore getting in and out of the bath anyway. Fine to let shower gel/shampoo etc run off it but leave well alone. While in the hospital I was told to only pat the wound dry with a clean paper towel. They gave me surgical pads to place over the wound inside my underwear. I kept this up for the first couple of weeks and used sanitary pads inside my knickers to keep the wound protected and I healed well with no infections. I also took the Arnica 200c and I made a quick recovery. I have it bought again at the Down to Earth homeopathic dispensary on South Great George's St. They will take orders online and over the phone as well. It is helpful to speak to the homeopath just for specific advice on how to use it.
Twirl Posts: 5598
I was told absolutely nothing after my section only keep it clean. I showered everyday ( obviously ) and changed my towel after each shower. I didnt put anything near it but do wear comfy clothes. I put on my jeans a week after i had baby and it was not comfy at all.