after's what gift do you give?

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misfitz Posts: 370
Hi, going to the afters of a wedding this pm. What do you give as a gift for the afters. If you give money how much, or what sort of gift. Thanks.
Mama2 Posts: 1230
If I was going to give money I'd probably give about 50Euro. For a gift a resturant voucher is always great.
misfitz Posts: 370
thanks a mill jejum, h2b just dropped it on me last night we were going so thanks for helping me out. I'll put 50 into a card. :thnk
MrsKA Posts: 878
I got 50 euro from most people that came to afters but I didn't expect anything from anyone coming to afters. Or else you could get a wedding gift for them and you might save a few quid. I know we got a lamp from one of our guests and we went into shop it was bought for another reason and saw the lamp it was only 25 euro. It didn't look that cheap and we only came across it by accident.