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dreamer Posts: 3941
Hi girls, Am not pregnant (yet) but engaged (with no date set yet!!) :o0 Am very relaxed about everything! My problem is people keep asking me when am I going to set my wedding date as I'd want to be having babies now if I am going to have any! Now, we do want to have kids but am fed up of all this! So I was just wondering what age all ye girls are? Particularly those of you having your first? (I'm 32 by the way!) Thanks a mill :wv
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi dreamer, You've loads of time, don't mind other ppl. I'm 31 and will still be when bubs comes along please god, welcome to p&b. It's proven an invaluable source of info for me, xx brideeee
shocked22 Posts: 511
I was 30 having my first baby and will be 32 having this baby please God. I wouldn't have been able for it any earlier!!!! So you have loads of time....
Elliecat Posts: 2725
I'll be 26 by the time babs comes along (God willing). We were together over 7 years when we got married, and my Mum said to me when I was about 22/23 that I wouldn't want to be leaving it too long in case it took a while to get pregnant :eek :eek !
I was 32 on my first, 34 on my second and will be 38 when the third arrives in December (all going well).
hoping08 Posts: 526
Im 40 - getting married in September and at the moment TTC. It does worry me about my age as you do hear the horrible stories , but fingers crossed i will get pregnant soon and all will be ok :thnk
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
I am 22, will be 23 on the 21st of September, DueDate is the 15th of September, so we┬┤ll see *s*
mammybean Posts: 10364
hey i am 24 now and will be 25 when the baby (pg) comes along,
Snails Posts: 16
Hi I was 36 with no. 1, 38 with no. 2 and 40 with no. 3. Think I am finished now!!!!! Snails
breeze Posts: 1175
18 on number 1 and 26 on this one