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Missiemoo Posts: 99
Ok, honest opinions. Can I wear silver shoes with an ivory wedding dress? I love pretty shoes but am not a 'shoe' person...i.e. I won't be paying a lot of money for them. Have seen a gorgeous pair of silver peep toe for Eur120 and was just down in Sasha and saw some really gorgeous ones...round toe, high heel but not stiletto which would be ideal in terms of comfort and what I like. I was betwixt and between and most of my friends say yes, Mam says no and the girls in Sasha said absolutely not. Actually I saw a pair there almost identical to the Benjamin Adams shoes featured on here, really sparkly, but I think they might be a bit too bling. I really don't want to go for bridal shoes as I have yet to see a pair I like and I really would like to get more wear out of whatever shoes I get. All opinions appreciated.
mooky Posts: 1501
Hi Missiemoo I was thinking the exact same myself. I dont plan on spending a fortune, I'm not mad about the 'bridal' shoes, and I was thinking of silver. The Belle Wedding Shoe range actually has a silver pair. Here they are They're in the bridal shoe range so obviously theres a market for silver shoes for weddings. I read in a bridal magazine that alot of brides are veering away from ivory and white shoes, so I think silver should you should be fine. I'd love to hear other Wollies opinions...
phananta Posts: 330
I know exactly what you mean, and I was in Sasha yesterday trying on silver sandals! I think as long as your dress is a light ivory, ie not a creamy shade, then I reckon silver shoes would be fab, expecially if you're wearing silver jewellery/tiara etc. I know what you mean about bridal shoes, Benjamin Adams 'Marilyn' are the only ones I like, they're sparkly sandal type, and can't find a shop that stocks them to try them on O:| O:| O:| If anyone knows one, (I'm in Cork), let me know! Your wedding, your day, your shoes! *) *) *)
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I reckon if your dress is a light ivory then I think silver shoes would go perfect with it but if it is a dark creamy ivory like mine then I would suggest that you go for a pale gold if you want to get shoes that you can wear again. *) Seriously though they don't have to be ivory or white, go for what you are happy with and good luck with the shoe shopping. :wv
chefmaid Posts: 2426
i want to get silver sandles as well so i will wear them again- Nobody ever sees your shoes so why not...
Missiemoo Posts: 99
Thanks a million girlies, no its a whiter kind of ivory...i think. Have a look here, there are sparkles on the front and the colour is described as peweter/ivory so I reckon that silver shoes would go with the 'pewter' colour and the sparkle on the front. There is no train though so I would imagine that the shoes would be more visible than if I had a train. Saw a lovely pair of shoes in Sasha with a kind of a white swirl through the silver which look like they would be ideal..although hard to tell without the dress and I won't have the dress till June by which time those shoes will be sold out!! Dilemmas dilemmas. Damn it, can't post pic of the dress for some reason. It might have come out but I think I might have posted all of them. Its the Venice dress anyway. [img:jiftt0ab][/img:jiftt0ab]
chefmaid Posts: 2426
What a fab dress...I would defo get the shoes...
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
[img:3azrl1vo][/img:3azrl1vo] Wow that is a fantastic dress and the silver shoes would be beautiful with it. Definitely go for it, definitely. *)
Bun in the oven Posts: 169
[quote="phananta"] [color=red:2sunpi2k] I know what you mean about bridal shoes, Benjamin Adams 'Marilyn' are the only ones I like, they're sparkly sandal type, and can't find a shop that stocks them to try them on O:| O:| O:| If anyone knows one, (I'm in Cork), let me know![/color:2sunpi2k] ******* Phananta - look at the link below it's from the Benjamin Adams website for stockist's in Cork ... I got the Astor shoes 3 weeks ago and I love them hence the profile pic , they are pricey 320 euro but I think I'm worth it :o0 :o0 and I'll defo wear them again they are soooo comfy
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
This is gas - I only bought a pair of silver sandals last night (in Sasha!!) and I remembered thinking that I'd love to wear them with my wedding dress - off white/ivory wedding dress as well with silver threading in the bodice - woo hoo! Thanks for the reassurance wollies!!! O-O