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carlie Posts: 100
Hey, I have been so agitated for the last week I cant just sit down for a second and relax. Its driving me mad. I feel like pregnancy is a state now not a means to having a baby ( if that makes sense) as if I have lost the ability to see the end of the 40 weeks its as if this is my life now. i know it sounds mad and i know it will end but Im just wondering did anyone else get this agitated feeling or am I going nuts. carlie
mammybean Posts: 10364
sorry i havent got to that stage yet, but wanted to bump it up for you. I think now that you are getting big and uncomfortable and been pregnant for so long its hard to see the forest for the trees type thing does that make sense? i hope you feel better soon
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but with me, I'm fed up and impatient, and the novelty of being pregnant has worn off. Now I just want to have the baby! I can't wait until its time. Work is like an inconvenient way to spend my time, and I keep thinking and saying "when the baby comes....." It gets like that towards the end of your pregnancy. Its a perfectly normal feeling! :wv
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi Desert-Moon, know what you mean. I was told that baby would come early and was told to stop working 10 weeks before d-day. In the end he came on 40+2 so you can imagine how freaked I was. Was told to do nothing strenuous as this could make baby come early so I was quite frustrated sitting at home not being able to do anything (window cleaning etc. - not that I'm a fan or anything) Anyway you get used to it - try and relax and sleep - you're probably getting this advice from everyone, but I should have paid more attention to it :o0