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Caros Posts: 44
Hey all, Would appreciate any feedback on AGM digital? I booked Glenn at a wedding fair in Jan as he seemed really reasonable and a very genuine person. I looked on the website the other day and I am not sure I like the video's he has uploaded. Have only paid a small deposit so am not sure whether to go with someone else? What do you think?
racb2b Posts: 63
Hi Caros I never heard of AGM Digital. Could you ask them to send you a sample dvd so you can see their style of videography? If you are still not happy is it worth losing your deposit? Your video is something you will have for the rest of your life.
Caros Posts: 44
Yes I was thinking of asking him to send a sample dvd. But you are right, it is something that I will have forever and I want it to be right. I spoke to the person that did my friends last year (I was bridesmaid and saw the dvd last weekend - it was great) and he is 250 euro dearer but I think I might go for him. I know its only 250 but my poor budget seems to be creeeping up :)