ah im so stupid!!!

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Snuddlums Posts: 1644
Girls was in work yesterday and had had a crap day as everything just seemed to roll into one as 1 staff had done tap all at the weekend so anyway when we were finished shift we rang her to give out/let her know but went to voice mail,we thought we cancelled call but obvs not as she text to say what a lovely voice mesg we left,ah we were giving out/bitching about her,i feel so sick over it,she said its all forgotten about but she is really taking it out on one of the lads as they would know each other years and refuses to speak to him,he managed to get a few texts from her today but thats it.i dont know what to do cause she would have reason to go to our manager over this?only thing is there is proof to show she didnt do a tap all weekend. O:| O:| O:|
blacksheep Posts: 141
Classic mistake I'm sure you are not the first person to be caught out by this! I can imagine how you are feeling but if she didn't do any work all weekend then the chances are she won't want to bring it up with management. What exactly was said? Was there any name calling etc or were you all just stating the facts? Only saving grace is that it is all on voicemail so what you said can't be exagerated iykwim. Although I don't agree with calling people on their day off/time off to speak to them about something that they have done wrong in work it should always wait until they are next in work. Unless of course you need to check something urgent like did you leave the tap on as the whole building is flooded!!
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Its a classic mistake and I'm sure your not the only one here who has been caught by "not hanging up properly", I know I have! What you got to do is be honest to her, to her face about the situation at work at the weekend and how that gave you all more work when you came back and how you were upset by her, hence the message. You were going to tell her what she heard if she had of answered the phone so its not as if you were being nasty behind her back.. Anyways, it will all blow over eventually!
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
Thanks girls,i hope it does blow over,the place i work i wont see her till next wed so wont see her.she be very close to management so wouldnt be surprised if we are called in.we were just syaing how that x work wasnt done so gauranteed other work wasnt and then that another girl in work does all her work for her.the lad talking mentioned names.then it got cut off.