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Ron82 Posts: 8
[color=blue:1nro0jfs][b:1nro0jfs]A friend of a friend recommended me Aideen Stanley and I have to say I was so pleased when i rang her and she told me she was free to do the make - up for my wedding day. I arranged with Aideen to do my trial make - up a few weeks in advance before the wedding. Aideen is based in kildare so I went to her for this. Aideen travels anywhere to do yours for the trial at no extra cost as everything was included in the bridal package. ( It is up to the bride to go to Aideen or if Aideen comes to you ). She is also very reasonable in terms of prices. Aideen works mostly with elizabeth Arden products which I found them brilliant, but she also uses chanel, smashbox and other products too ( she mixes and matches ). Anyway when I rang her for the first time to ask for availability for the big day, I noticed she was very friendly on the phone and easy to talk to. I booked my trial through the phone, of course I did not have to pay for anything then and a few days later Aideen sent me a confirmation of the day by post. After all I went for my trial to Aideen's house, she was very kind and approachable, she made me feel very comfortable and also made a lot of conversation to my sister and mother - in - law who were accompaning me for the trial. Aideen asked me a few questions about my facial routine and she tried a few shades for my foundation until she found the right one and also asked me If I had any shades, etc on my mind. She also asked me the colour of my dress, etc. I had my trial on a saturday at about 11 am and I did this on purpose to see how long the make - up was going to last and to be aware for the main day. My hen night was on the same day as the trial but in the evening and I did not need to put any more make - up as this was still on my face, lipstick was still on even though I had a meal and I drank too. The shades did not fade away. After Aideen finished to do my trial, she wrote in a piece of paper the colours she was going to use for me. She normally has the picture of a face in a piece of paper and paints it with the colours she is using so you can have a better idea of the way you will look like with make - up for the day. ( She also sends you this by post ) I also told Aideen I wanted her to do my mam's and sister's make - up and at the time they were in Spain so Aideen had no clue how their faces looked like I only gave her a rough explanation but told her she will only see them on the wedding day so she said she will come to me at 10 am to do the make up for all of us. On the wedding day Aideen showed up early enough about 9 am and started doing my mam's and sister'smake - up and I was the last. I was very nervous as it was the main day but she made me feel very confident and relaxed because while doing my make up she was talking to all of us as well as laughing and joking. Aideen is very professional and neat, she brought her make up case where she had all types of make up, etc. She stayed until the wedding car arrived and she was putting the last final touches on me ( lip gloss, checking my mascara etc, etc, etc) I decided to post a comment about her because I was very happy with my make - up and people like that deserve to be complimented about their services. Thank you so much Aideen for your services, you did an excellent job for us. :thnk[/b:1nro0jfs][/color:1nro0jfs]
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Ye thought that myself O-O Ha Ha Ha
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Thought that when I first read it, it all sounds a bit too weird!
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oh god, cringe!
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