Ailbhe Lynch- Make-up artist extraordinaire

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bananas Posts: 440
I had Ailbhe as make-up artist for my wedding last May, and I've recommended her on WOL before. My sister who was bm loved the look she had so much I decided to give her a surprise and booked Ailbhe to do her make up last Saturday for her 21st birthday party. Ladies can I just say OMG, I was delighted with how well we looked at the wedding and having it done( I got mine done too, any excuse to look that hot again) on Saturday, can I just say WOW. I never thought I could look that good again. I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror before I went out. It was stunning, utterly out of this world. My sister was so happy, she looked like a model, it made her night. She asked if we wanted something similar to the make up we had at the wedding but we told her we wanted to go more glam this time. Our eye make up, she got the exact look we dreamed about, really smokey eyes. We never had to retouch anything for the night( I reapplied my lippy on Sunday, never took it off, it was still flawless the next day). This lady really knows her stuff, listened to want we wanted, took into account what we were wearing, and made us look AMAZING. I'm now trying to find another excuse to book her again. :o)ll Her website is If anyone would like to see photo's just drop me a pm.
chelle10 Posts: 254
just pmd u
bananas Posts: 440
I never got a pm from you. :-8
sonopotere Posts: 1124
Hey! Just wondering if you might be able to PM me with details of her packages? prices etc? Thanks so much!
LM24 Posts: 932
I had my trial with Ailbhe for my wedding and was delighted with the result. She is really nice aswell.
pudding pop Posts: 60
Could you pm me. I have my wedding trial booked with her
carriemar Posts: 32
i have contacteed her could you pm me too pls
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Naughty Nanas, wearing your make-up to bed.
bananas Posts: 440
[quote="stockbroking bride":16y7xg2x]Naughty Nanas, wearing your make-up to bed.[/quote:16y7xg2x] Who said I went to bed :hic
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
It's great to hear feedback like this, I have her booked for my wedding