AIMS Ireland (the association for improvements in the maternity services) is a voluntary non-profit organisation formed by mothers who were dissatisfied with the current Irish system. AIMS Ireland is affiliated with the uk organisation which has been running for the last 40 years AIMS Ireland is a campaign pressure group which pushes for policy changes to improve women's choices and issues of concern in pregnancy, labour/birth, and the post partum period. AIMS Ireland publishes articles and journals relating to research, opinion and analysis for topics relating to the maternity services. AIMS Ireland also offers a support network for women seeking information in their pregnancy and for birth and offers a confidential complaints system for women who have had unsatisfactory care. AIMS has a network of members and Community Support Representatives which act as liasons between women and AIMS offering evidence based information, research, support, and contacts that will assist women in their choices and options in pregnancy, labour and birth. for more information please see: Most Recently, AIMS Ireland has launched a new messages board for members of AIMS Ireland this board is an opportunity for members to discuss issues in the maternity services with other members and health care professionals, avail of up to the minute research, and share information and contacts with each other. if you are interested in becoming a member of AIMS Ireland please email us at: LINK: wishing you all very happy pregnancies and wonderful births. Thank You