aines chocolates- wedding favours

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thumper Posts: 586
Anyone have aines chocolates as wedding favours? any thoughts on how they compare to lily's or butler's? can't decide and meant to taste test each at the same time but didn't work out that way :-8
april09babs Posts: 926
Never heard of them. Where can you get them?
thumper Posts: 586
lt- found them from a link on an older post on here- they sent off a packet to me and they were out of this world. only thing is i'm not gone on the packaging- (bit bridezilla i know) and i don't know anyoen else that used them. i have to say though they were superb. i think i might just bite the bullet and go for them. will wait and see if any of the wollies during the week know of them. oh yeah they are in meath.