Airbags in Cars

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minibride Posts: 74
Just wondering if anyone knows what specific cars allow you to deactivate passenger airbags for putting babies in the front seat. My current car wont allow you and the new car we are looking at wont either so this concerns me a little. Ta
Redfraggleathome Posts: 159
The reanults do - but it recommnded not to so, are so my sister who is in insurance said !
snowwhite Posts: 1034
we have the new nissan note and you just put the key in the side to turn the airbag on and off its a great car too
Lily9 Posts: 40
It is standrad on some cars often an optional extra on others bought new, or can be retrofitted to some secondhand models. It is not advised that you use it generally, as there is no gurantee that the mechanism will always work. The baby is safer in the back seat rear-facing as long as possible (even with an airbag deactivated properly in the front babies sustain less injuries in a collision if in the back of the car). There was a post on magicmum recently about the toyota corolla verso, toyota wrote to owners telling them not to use the front seat deactivated for babies until serviced by toyota and fixed as it had been found that the air bag wasn't seactivated, but that the driver's was (and i think the driver's seat belt tensioners were decativated too).