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Trillian Posts: 1685
Not new I'm afraid, my ex had stuff lifted on a flight from Amsterdam to Dublin 11 years ago. You should never ever put anything valuable in checked in bags, locked or otherwise, sad but true. I lock mine for the opposite reason, I'm always paranoid someone will put something in - you know make me into a drug mule. I have visions of collecting my case in Dublin and being followed to my Mams by some scary shaven head gangster. Sad I know.
minnie08 Posts: 580
A pair of sunglasses were stolen from DH's bag a couple of years ago. The only thing was that they were prescription sunglasses so they wouldn't have been any use to whoever stole them. My brother had a new tracksuit with labels on taken from his case. These were both on trans-Atlantic flights.
princess h Posts: 23
Have heard of too many negative incidents so always carry anything of value in carry on which can contain up to 10kg on most flights. And I make sure I have travel insurance for the rest, which is stuff that's replaceable.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
That's it! The video camera and digital camera are coming with me in my carry on luggage!! As you can see from my ticker, we're off on holidays soon (not soon enough!) to a friends wedding in Marbella. The last thing I'd want is the two cameras being nicked before the wedding - and we're flying with "that airline" too. :eek
buffybuzz Posts: 492
I always take a big hand luggage bag and put anything I would hate to lose in it. Another tip is to pack a change of clothes and a bikini or 2 in your hand luggage, that way if your luggage gets lost or stolen you can still go for a swim or sunbathe... Oh and I always lock my bag too, it is a small enough lock that security could pull it off if they wanted but it seems to deter thieves looking for a quick getaway.
daboy Posts: 229
I am stunned that people are putting valuables in their checked luggage. I fly pretty regularily (living abroad like!!) but have never have anything taken. BUT I always keep anything of worth on me if possible. And irreplacable stuff like photos always travel in the cabin with me. What made me careful was hearing of 2 separate cases of business laptops gtting nicked in JFK on the way to Dublin a good while ago. One had the company's full sales quotations and other important customer related information on it. The other an almost complete MBA project on it. Neither backed up. It'd sicken you. Or make you careful that you dont get caught out yourself!!!
hula Posts: 384
Looks likes something might be getting done about it: Although I don't think 'general investigations' sounds too serious!
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
If I got anybody nicking stuff from my bags I would kill them!!!!
hula Posts: 384
[quote="shera":yzlh780g] If I got anybody nicking stuff from my bags I would kill them!!!![/quote:yzlh780g] Frickin brilliant!!! Can't believe it took a 'tip-off' from an employee for them to check it out. Surely the airlines that were targeted should have put pressure on some sort of investigation.
keepitsimple Posts: 966
hope they catch them. This happened my MIL in June on a flight to Greece. They were in Greece and she had a jewelry box and when she was getting ready to go out the first night she opened it to find all her jewelry gone - it wasn't her most expensive stuff but still a few hundred quids worth (personally I wouldn't have brought it of would have it in hand luggage but anyway) she reckoned it had to have happened in Dublin as the bags just come onto the conveyor belt in Greece - not good!