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littlechick Posts: 758
Can you bring your GHD in hand luggage??
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Don't see why not littlechick, then again, it all depends who you get at the xray machine - some of those people can be on a power trip or just have a bad day. I went through once wearing far too high heels, and not a bother going through the metal detector. Few weeks later I went through again, same shoes and got stopped-mortifying! They put them through the xray machine about three times before they decided it must be just a nail in the heel that set it off!!!! So hopefully you can bring your ghd through, and you get a nice person at the xray machine :o0
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
[quote="littlechick":1gu1ohf1]Can you bring your GHD in hand luggage??[/quote:1gu1ohf1] I have brought my GHD on flights to london where I only had hand luggage and there was no problem. I always keep valuables in my hand luggage. I also pack any Cigarettes I buy in my hand luggage as well. We lock our bags everytime we fly. I got the locks that are ok to use on US Flights. If you have any other lock on your bags for flights to the US and they pick your bags to search, they will break the locks.
lucylocket Posts: 300
Hi Where can you get the US approved locks? Thanks LL
hula Posts: 384
Joe Duffy covering the topic at the moment on RTE radio 1.
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
[quote="Lucylocket":31ce9l8l]Hi Where can you get the US approved locks? Thanks LL[/quote:31ce9l8l] I bought them in the Samsonite Shop in Orlando but I'm sure any shop that sells bags here would have them. They are around €9.00 for two of them. It will be written on the packaging (US Security Approved) or something like that.
black pearl Posts: 3513
girls you should never put valuables in a bag, even if they are shrink wrapped!! i used to work in baggage hall in dublin airport, trust me its very very easy to take stuff from bags, and the company that are under investigation are a handling agent, they do not deal with the irish company mentioned above for the trans atlantic flights wit stuff missing, that company handles their own baggage, so if stuff went missing with that airline its not this company who are being investigated that did it. i would never put anything into my suitcase thats worth money as having worked in the aiport i dont trust them at all!! better off with it in the hand luggage!
lucylocket Posts: 300
Thanks for that Mrs Magnum. LL