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KayeG Posts: 152
Hi Wollies, Been ages since I was on here and just realised all the goss I am missing! Anyways looking for some help! When we got married in August 2009, I had ordered an amazing cream personalised carpet for the aisle. It looked fantastic and it completely had the wow factor, esp in the photos. We had ordered it from Well, my friend is getting married next year and would love something like this but we cannot find a supplier now, either in Ireland or the UK. I know were doing well but were expensive and am guessing in these times of austerity, have gone by the wayside. Can anyone tell me if the company is still around or if anyone has details of another supplier, then I would love to know!! Thanks Guys x
KayeG Posts: 152
Just bumping this up to see if anyone can help!
AnneMarch12 Posts: 175 Hi KayeG - this company do aisle runners, either with a quote on it or personalised with the couples name. hope this helps x