albufeira or torremolinos?????

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newlywed2011 Posts: 363
Hi :wv Just wondering if anyone have been to either thinking of going middle of may, looking at bajandillio apartments in torremolinos or oura view praia apartments in albufeira. Has anyone been to either just looking for relaxing hol for 1 week. Never been to either so just looking for feedback. Thanks :thnk
Minnie10 Posts: 686
Hi Newlywed2011, Have never been to Torremolinos but had our wedding in Albufeira in July of last year. If your going to book Oura Praia hotel make sure its in Oura Praia and NOT clube praia de Oura. The Club praia apartments where many of our guests stayed are cheap and cheerful and dosnt have air conditioning. Maybe its something that would not bother you but It would me. The Oura Praia hotel is georgous or another one to check out would be Aqua Pedro Dos Biscos. Stayed at Aqua Pedro and hotel is top hotel and very close to Oura Praia. Hope that helps. Minnie10
Champagne Sorbet Posts: 219
Been to both places and Albufueira would be my choice over Torremolinos.
Thin Blue Line Posts: 138
Hi newlywed2011, I've been to torremolinos twice it has a lovely beach and near Malaga. 2nd time I went there it was off season think in April and there was no atmosphere there at all full of people playing bingo :( couldn't wait to get back home!!
macattack Posts: 1617
Torremilinos is so boring IMO. Nothing to do at night and the food was beyond bad. I looked forward to my holiday there for ages but then was counting the days til I got home. It wouldn't be in the same league as Albufeira at all. Easy choice for me.
Micky Pat Posts: 69
Been to both places and IMO Albufeira wins hands down! Gorgeous place & very clean! Wouldn't go back to Torremolinos at all, not much to do and I was with a group of 12 people and we all couldn't wait to get home!! I stayed in the Paladim Apartments, they're very central between the Old Town & The Strip!! Would go back in the morning!! Hope this helps!!
Littlebo Posts: 2598
I've been to Benalmedena a couple of times and once to torremolinos. Been to Albufeira too. Would prefer Albufeira to be honest and then Benalamedena. Never torremolinos again.