Aldi chicken

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mrs mammy Posts: 1487
Anyone find their chicken always stinks when you open it, even of its not close to expiring. Always a bit wary eating it.
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Yes, thats why i stopped buying it! Any meat i ever bought from them would always be gone off within 2 days and well before the use by date. Not sure if its something to do with how they are transporting it or storing it, but i dont buy any meat there anymore.
Elphaba Posts: 741
I've found that with Tesco steak, looked fine on top, but as soon as you opened it it stunk, they day the underneath of the steak I bought that day was green, was the day I stopped buying meat in there. Now we get ours in the local butchers or local supermarket who both source locally.
streaks Posts: 3592
I'm funny with meat so have never bought it in Aldi/lidl. Often when in there though, I'd notice meats/frozen produce sitting in the aisles wanting to be stacked away- which would put me off it even more so.
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I find their steak really nice, much nicer than Dunnes. But again, I'd cook it quite quickly because I find it goes off within a few days. But the chicken is gank, definitely wont be buying it again, the chicken you'd buy in Dunnes or Tesco does not smell like that when opened.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Really?! I have never bought chicken in Aldi - have only just switched to Aldi from Lidl recently. The Lidl chicken was perfect. Is it just the chicken really to be avoided?
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Not at all- buy their free range chicken and dry age steaks all the time
MrsRed Posts: 397
i use the Aldi chicken thighs and drumsticks all the time, and have to say I have never got a smell off them.. But now this thread has made me paranoid! and its Chicken Casserole tonight.... chicken will be getting a good sniffin' beforehand!!
skybusgirl Posts: 518
[quote="mrs mammy":1kx850a0]Anyone find their chicken always stinks when you open it, even of its not close to expiring. Always a bit wary eating it.[/quote:1kx850a0] Yes!! I thought it was me being paranoid. I have stopped buying chicken in there since last year when I was wandering around chicken breasts in hand (no two euro coin for trolley) and I was picking up a few extra bits and it leaked all over my wool coat. The smell was noxious...I mean I was standing in the queue wondering where the pong was coming from. I live in the country and I was expecting the usual smelly old man to be behind me. Vom!
hassig Posts: 900
Gosh I would be very wary if there was a smell off the meat, just know with fish - fresh fish does not smell of fish. Not a big meat eat, practically vegetarian, so is my little boy, mind you we love fish, yet I would be slow to buy meat off the supermarket shelve for hubby, I feel there is so much processing involved to make it to the shelve. When I buy it for hubbie I always get it in local butchers, and no, contrary to what most of us think, its not dearer and you are buying a much better quality meat. Honestly the deals they have, are amazing - way cheaper that even Aldi/Lidl and the majority of the meats are locally sourced, What I got last Sat & freezed most of it - 5 chicken breast + 5 spicy marinated chops €9.99, 2lbs of steak mince - very good quality €7.99, My husband reckons the difference in taste is unreal, and way better value, I wish our education system would teach children from an early age the concept of healthy eating, and to create awareness of where our food is sourced. Getting a bit carried away here, :-8 just think I have become more aware of what we eat since becoming a mum,