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mrsblacky Posts: 440
Hi, Some of you may be interested in this.... I was over at my fsil's house for dinner yesterday and they had a photo album of their wedding pictures that they'd been given as a gift. Their friend had gone onto Aldi's website (yes, I know, there is a photo section on there!!) and uploaded the photo's they'd taken at the wedding and made it into a book-style album.... the way I would describe it would be that it is jut like the Beano Annual's that you used to get when you were younger... exactly the same sort of hard-back cover and good quality pages. It was fantastic and I thought was a brilliant idea (either as a gift or something for yourself!).... I'm sure she said the price was €15 but going by the website, the hard-back book is €26, which is still a bargain! If anyone ever asks me to forward on photo's that i've taken at weddings etc, I am going to send them on in this way... the quality was amazing!! Check out I should work for them the way I am raving about it!!
Caroline Fraher Posts: 480
Another great site is You can create books with photos and text, if you want to add captions or little anecdotes. My cousin made one up for his sister of her baby and it was fab. I just recently did one of my nephew, who's three in April, of his life from the time he was born up until now. I compiled all his photos and wrote little captions to go with some of them. I think something like that is fantastic value and a very thoughtful gift. The book cost me, including postage, E23.05. Can't wait to get it now!!
Kingston Design Posts: 895
I've used for photobooks also and was pleased with the quality and delighted with the price! I also got 'posters' done from there-but they turned out even better than 'posters' they were basically A3 size proper photographs-great quality! The service is quite fast also.
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
I've uploaded my wedding photos onto both and is def easier to use. Thanks for the Tip!! :o)ll :thnk Can't wait to order mine from Blurb. Great for Honeymoon pics also!