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royalbride Posts: 29
I was just wondering does anyone know the real name of the 'Fiona' dress in Alexander Bridal? I bought it a few months back and I keep trying to find it on the internet but with no luck.
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Is it a maggie dress? have you checked the Sottero and midgley section?? Since you've already bought the dress can you not just ask them the real name? Im sure they'd tell you
daisybabe Posts: 767
Jst wondering, Is this it?? [img:17cyfr3s][/img:17cyfr3s]
royalbride Posts: 29
no thats not it i'm afraid. yeh i'm sure they won't mind telling me if i've already bought it. don't see why they should.
MeSB Posts: 3785
ela28 Posts: 2552
madsarah,they do have a lot of maggie dresses,I have put a deposit on one myself,they are very helpful,I have found them a pleasure to deal with,so nice and polite. :wv
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Got my dress there a few weeks back. They called it Pamela (MS dress) but I scoured the MS website and found it. MS call in Madrid. However, I tired this dress on twice (before buying it) and made an appt to go back and be measured for it on Oct 4th. Went in and they couldn't find it - turns out it had been discontinued by MS and so I couldn't get it. They said that the sample might be in the sale section of the BM dress shop and low and behold it was. The dress is spotless and so I bought it for €500 - much less than the tag price of €1,850. But still I was annoyed that I was not called to say that it was being discontinued. Told me to ring them in April to arrange some alterations - might ring around some dressmakers first and check prices. Seen 1 or 2 brides in there on my visits who weren't too happy with their alterations. One MOTB was talking to my mother and said that they had been in 6 times and that the same thing kept coming up again and again alteration wise. We were there on a Saturday and this bride was getting married on Thursday. Heard them tell her to come back on Monday for the dress. But you always hear bad things - never any good things!! I like them in this shop though - they are very honest with you.
ela28 Posts: 2552
I have seen a lot of good reports on this website about Alexanders,you will always get the odd few that complain about particular shops for whatever reason,be it dressing rooms are too small,mistakes made on alterations or with ordering etc which can happen in any bridal shop anyway,it's a chance every b2b has to take when getting their dress,I thought the girls were lovely in Alexanders,extremely helpful,very honest and friendly,they have some really beautiful dresses and would defo be worth having a proper look around royalbride :wv