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wollymalta Posts: 168
Hi Girls, I just want to let you know about the excellent service I recieved fron Tina in Alexanders Bridal today she is complete angel. I found my dream dress and she couldn't have been any nicer to deal with if she tried. She has even given my bridesmaid the courage to try on dresses ( she is a larger girl an very self concious) she put her at complete ease and I'm happy to say she will be going back with me to start looking at dresses. Also for anyone on a budget they have a sale on Oct 3rd I think well whatever date the first Sat is in Oct all dresses will be 300 euros. Hope this helps some of you put your minds at ease about the horrors of bridal shops I for one was terrifed after reading about other shops but Tina is a complete treasure to deal with will be sending my friends to her when their big day comes. Only 5 monts now til my dress comes wahoo!!!!!
sarakg83 Posts: 347
I got my dress there too and they were fantastic, couldnt fault them at all
In-A-Tizzy Posts: 40
Me too, absolutely fantastic service.
jenr Posts: 313
i couldnt agree more, i thought i found my angel in Sharon there, amazing, she knew exactly what to do and say, she picked out the dress im getting and it couldnt be more perfect! again im a good size 18 and never had to think about sizes once, amazing! iv been saying on here about the sale, highly recommend it cos dresses are perfect, dont know if my sample will be in it but i was told it may be gone then in case i need to show anyone else!
Neady1981 Posts: 128
Would you be buyinig the samples or would the sale be on everything I wonder?
jenr Posts: 313
sale is on samples, im sure itll be a few old stock that hasnt sold etc but honestly worth a look cos dress are gorgeous, mine is maggie sottero!
Neady1981 Posts: 128
ela28 Posts: 2552
[quote="Neady1981":3nax2m3o]I bought my dress there too - its maggie soterro sabelle. Didn't think they would be having a sample sale though - I would be sick if I saw my dress there for €300!! I ordered my dress in August but at the wedding fair in the RDS I was told that they are having a sale in their bridesmaid shop too - the one across the road. I was told that if you bought your dress in Alexanders they would give you a third of the price you paid off bridesmaid dresses[/quote:3nax2m3o] thats my dress :o)ll :o)ll first fitting 4 weeks can't wait :hyper:
Neady1981 Posts: 128
OMG Ela you're so lucky. I can't wait to try it on again. I miss it so much - feel like I should keep going back to look at it. I carry the picture of it with me in my bag so I can look at it every so often! Let us know how you get on in 4 weeks time :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
jenr Posts: 313
your dress could be in the sale, i was told mine might be, now it wasnt my size but the girl did it up perfect that only visible from behind it was too small, the only reason i wont be trying to buy it in saleis its not my fit and if i wait til jan ill put in my measurements and if needs be in june to take it in i will! main rule is never ever buy or order a dress that doesnt fit you, order then take in, dont hope you will fit into it!!!