Alfred Angelo Style 1755LS For Sale. Suit Size 20ish.

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Minnie1980 Posts: 74
Hi there. I just got married this summer and have decided to sell my wedding dress because everyone I know that kept theirs eventually found the dress going musty or moth bitten! My dress is Alfred Angelo style 1755LS, with both the dress and lace coat in white. I absolutely loved the dress and thought it was very flattering to the figure. I'm a size 20/22 highstreet. The dress could easily be taken in to fit as small as a size 18 highstreet, or there are seams that could be let out to fit up to a size 24 highstreet. I'm going to try and include pictures of the dress with this PM. Alternatively, check out the dress on - style 1755 but with long sleeves. If you PM me your email address I'll also mail pictures through to you directly. The dress is in excellent condition and just has some traces of dust marks around the hem, which can only be seen if you're underneath the dress looking up! I paid over £900 sterling (€1200) for the dress, but would accept €500 ono. :wv [img:1qjvpmm0][/img:1qjvpmm0] [img:1qjvpmm0][/img:1qjvpmm0] [img:1qjvpmm0][/img:1qjvpmm0]
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
OMG - I love it. Pity I have decided on my dress as this is fab! I am sure that you won't be left with it. I'll bump it up for you.
Minnie1980 Posts: 74
Dress gone now, thanks for interest :wv