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windycity Posts: 2241
......... :o)ll
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
I think this happens to most people at some stage. I know I said the exact same thing to my OH at around the 6 week stage. I felt fine all of a sudden and was worried it was a bad sign. It's different for everyone and not all days will be exactly the same. I bet you will be back to your nauseous self soon, It's easier said than done(I know) but try not to worry. O:o)
theresa156 Posts: 126
windycity, I second EB on this one...d ms can come and go to varying degrees(mine was on/off wk 6-14).Once u haven't had bleeding/spotting u should have no concern,however why not take a trip to doc/midwife to put ur mind at ease. Let us know how u go :action31
windycity Posts: 2241
thanks girls xxx
theresa156 Posts: 126
Phew...!!! wrap urself up n bubble wrap Windycity 4d next 7/8months odd!!!!!lololol