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feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi Came off pill in late June - had two periods 32 days cycles each. Now waiting for AF and 8 days late (day 40) - did test last friday and got BFN Anybody else have irregular periods after coming off the pill! :|
MrsTracy05 Posts: 127
Hi Chloe - have you done any other tests. I know that i was 10 days late and all tests where saying negative - i ended up going to my GP who tested there and i got a positive so maybe you could go to see your GP. good luck
Mrs Gill Posts: 223
Hi Chloe, My periods have been all over the place since i came off the pill 4 months ago now. 1st was 32 days, then 38 then 35. I was going crazy on the 2nd month and testing everyday at the end but always getting BFN. Then got period on day 39. it was making me really down so now I've just accepted that i need to give my body some time out after coming off the pill and i'm not going to think about it for a while - still trying but not monitoring temps etc like i was doing at the start. Hope this puts your mind at ease, i know that it can take a while to regularise your cycles after pill.
missc Posts: 875
Hi Chloe, I have been off pill since xmas and my cycles have also been all over the place. They have been anything from 30 to 38 days. Today im on day 39 so im keeping my fingers crossed but am afraid to test as i dont think i have any preg symptoms. I dont know how long it takes to regulate ur cycles after the pill but i hope we all get out BFP soon. Good luck.
december29 Posts: 395
I came off the pill in july and i have still to get a period. on day 54 at the mo!!! Hope things regulate themselves soon!
Sassy Posts: 2269
I came off the pill in May and have had two cycles since. The first was 35 days then the second was 42 days, kept testing but bfn. I'm on day 16 now so hopefully this month will bring some good news, even if it is my af regulating.
feelsobad Posts: 693
glad I am not the only one all over the place - just strange that the first two were 32 days exactly. Anyway, still nothing on day 42 now! BFN yesterday so just think I am late. Boobs v sore today so maybe it is on its way. Going to doc tomorrow just to be sure all is ok..... :cry: