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bride03 Posts: 361
any heard good results with this? finding it hard to get motivated again now. lost weight for the wedding but need to get back motivated now
Wilma Flintstone Posts: 1262
Hi, I havent used alli but I considered it a while back. My aunt is a dietican and she would reccomend that you lose weight naturally as taking a supplement stops you from changing your eating habits and you will put it all back on when you stop it! Also she told me it hasn't been around long enough to see what the long term effects are but she thinks it could seriously damage your bowel and kidney functions over time. Lastly have you checked out what it actually does? My next door neighbour took it and explained that any time you eat something with ANY fat in it the fat comes out the other end...immediately!!!!! It leaves greasy yellow stains on your clothes in the worst place imaginable- that said if you stick to a no fat diet it wont happen- depends on how dedicated you are!! Hope that helps good luck!
Babybumps Posts: 97
I've heard the same thing regarding eating anything with high fat content. I've also read it can come out in your pores so it's recommended that you wear dark clothes and bring a change in your bag when you first start using it. There is a thread here somewhere about this - with a few wollies reporting how it's worked for them so if you do a search I'm sure you'll find this helpful. Good luck