Almost 36 weeks and pain to left of lower back

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1Baby Posts: 127
Hi girls Just wondering what this is? The last few days now I've had what feels like a trapped nerve pain to the left of my lower back by my tailbone. Hurts really when I walk and step down on my left foot and giving me a real pregnancy waddle but other than that it's grand. I'm sure it's all just the normal pregnancy twinges. Hoping it means baby is moving lower down ... I can definitley feel the weight of baby right down in my pelvis if I've walked for a bit.
Blueeyes79 Posts: 405
Hi 1Baby, I'd say your right, I am 34w4days and everything from sleeping to walking is starting to get to me. I also have nerve pain in my lower back and leg sometimes if I put pressure on it. I basically can not do much at all or else I start feeling some sort of discomfort. The best thing to do is mention it to the physio in the maternity or put your legs up and rest and much as you can it will take the pressure off. Best of luck with your pregnancy and I'll be looking out for your good news soon :o)ll Blueeyes