almost 6 weeks preganant and bleeding

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lilybelle Posts: 424
got my BFP on easter sunday and was eleated but it looks like my exictment is short lived how much blood is spotting and what colour is it? things are not looking good i have a small amount of bleeding started (yesterday evening) as in its not enough to mark a pad but when i wipe with a tissue its there and its red sorry to be so graphic i had a miscarriage in 2009 but i was 9 weeks and i had cramps and i knew something was wrong i felt very unwell. i have no cramps this time but i do feel a bit bloated . i still have sore boobs but no MS although i haven't had any since i have been pregnant and i feel quite well i guess i kind of know already this is could bean early MC but i suppose i am clinging to the hope that i could just be one of those people who bleed during pregnancy.
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Firstly congrats on your BFP and sorry to hear you are posting this. This maybe just be a normal bleed ppl have in early pg, implantation or otherwise i think the best thing you could do is ring your local maternity hosp. they will prob just advise you to rest (and you should) and see if the bleeding continues or gets heavier. i have no more advice, hope you are ok :xox
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
Oh god so sorry to hear about that. My story is i had 3 m/c and the first sign was bleeding - the first time was a pin prick of red blood and the other 2 m/cs were brown spotting - very little. On my last pregnancy at 6 weeks i had brown spotting but i had a healthy pregnancy. If the spotting is dark colour - i would try not to worry too much (yeah easier said than done) as it might suggest old blood. I would suggest you ring your gp first - at my local hospital you need a letter from your gp and a blood sample from your gp before you can go in to the EPU - I know all the hospitals are different but your gp should know what the procedure is for your hospital. Best of luck,
zoesmama Posts: 2774
Sorry to hear that you are bleeding. I had bleeding at 6 weeks with my DS and now he is almost 5 ! I had to have 2 scans at the EPU and at the first one they couldn't find his heartbeat but it was there a week later at the 2nd scan so don't panic if this happens to you. Go to your GP or even ring them - I just rang mine and he sent the letter to the hosp by fax and I went straight to the hosp. I also had a m/c with a later pg and it felt a lot different (cramps etc) than just the bleeding.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Judging by the tiny amount of blood you describe I would be more inclined to think it is just one of those sporadic ones that happen, like implanation bleed. My advice would be not to worry until there is something to worry about, ie if you get AF like bleeding. I had brown and red blood on one of my pregnancies and all was well, turned out I had a cervical polyp which are quite common with pregnancies.
lilybelle Posts: 424
thanks for the advice girls so the bleeding has continued but its no worse though and sometimes i think it is even a bit lighter spoke to gp today she feels there is not a lot can be done till 7 weeks i.e scan and 2B honest if i had to have a scan it would be internal at this stage and don't want to be agitating anything at the moment just incase so have to go in on tuesday and get bloods done daily for levels,i had a miscarrige 2 years ago and this is how it started although i def felt worse the last time more pain and felt something was wrong. i am not giving up hope on my little bean i still "feel" pregnant but will just have to wait and see
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
wishing you all the best lilybelle :action32