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honeybee Posts: 624
Hi Gilrs Quick question I want to know is it the norm with bridal shops to charge for dress alterations(ie shorten, take in the dress etc). The dress shop I bought my bridal gown and maids dresses say they dont employ a seamstress but what they do do is recommend a girl who charges 25euros for alterations per hour. Is this very steep? thank you honeybee
bumble Posts: 1980
Yeah unfortunately i think they all charge for alterations. Mine said they estimate my alterations will cost €80 so sounds like you're getting a good deal..provided she doesn't sew really slowly!! Would prefer to pay a set price rather than per hour....ask them to give you a quote.
Dub gal Posts: 382
Yip I'm getting charged as well not too sure how much but know it's not included in the price of the dress
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Yeap unfortunately that is another cost. Mine is 100 and 25 for my BM. But I was told when ordering my dress that it could cost upto 200 for the alterations but never mentioned anything about the BM having to be altered.
bbbride Posts: 664
Ya I am paying for the alterations separtate. All the shop are doin is recommending someone to do it. Def get an accurate cost, not per hour.
White Peony Posts: 5
Hi Honeybee, do you mind me asking where the seamstress is located and if you have hear good reports about her? I bought my dress in Sydney and need to have it altered (just straps and hemline) in about a months time. I was going to use Des Byrne on Grafton St but want to keep my options open...
Anonymous Posts: 24542
yep i've to pay for mine - however i'm hoping the make a going away outfit with the material left over from it being taken in! ha ha ha. i don't know how much they'll be yet but another shop which had a dress which was on the short list guaranteed cost wouldn't exceed 200e.
honeybee Posts: 624
Thanks girls for all your replies, am really worried about transporting myself in the car from the shop to dressmakers. I love this site for advise expecially being so far away from home(Living in Canada)> O-O