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OAT Posts: 2207
Is anyone else NOT having flowers in their weddings? Could you suggest an alternative?
errigal08 Posts: 1302
your bouquets? or for the church/venue? im only having the bouquets,iv made them myself im not having flowers anywhere else,iv bought lanterns and led candles for the ceremony and then iv a few family members who will take them to the hotel for the reception iv no other ideas
frankenbride Posts: 419
If it's for yourself I was originally either going to have a chocolate bouquet or a feather fan but got cheap flower deal off todaysdeals so just used that. You can also get bouquets made of brooches which are also lovely.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
What about the traditional route of a herb posie? It would smell divine too. You could have mint and lavendar and rosemary. Maybe add in some sheaves of corn for an autumn wedding. Heather for summer. [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] You could have herbs in pots as centre pieces and people could take them home after as their favours. [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] You could do it so cheaply by planting them from seeds yourself and putting them in empty cans.... [url:16gzl24k][/url:16gzl24k] [url:16gzl24k][/url:16gzl24k] If it was an allergy that was putting you off flowers though, I'm not sure how the herbs would work. Theres always the brooch bouquets for that and you can't beat fabric pew ends for impact. [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] ... d_Bows.jpg [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] If it was winter you could go with tonnes of candles and furr muffs for the ladies. [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [url=](linking to this one as the image is HUGE!)[/url:16gzl24k] If you or anyone you know was any good with a needle and thread or a glue gun, you could use buttons. Just raid everyones biscuit tins of buttons and the charity shops. [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [url=]again, linking, huge image[/url:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k] [img:16gzl24k][/img:16gzl24k]
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
Littlelily you are some woman for one woman. Love the photos! Especially the herb stuff
Goldielocked Posts: 190
I'm hoping to have a flower-less wedding too. People keep looking at me like I've ten heads when I say I don't want flowers :hyper: I'm going to make brooch bouquets, brooch's for the men and mums, either bows or lanterns as pew ends, candles everywhere in the reception. I'm having trouble trying to think of something for the centrepieces though. I want to keep some height in them so you can see them as soon as you walk into the room. I want to keep everything sleek and modern so I'm looking at candles, white/black feathers and diamantes. I'm sure I'll come up with something sooner or later :o0 The one thing I hadn't banked on was the church wanting flowers. I think we're gonna have to get one flower piece for the altar :duh: :duh:
sshh Posts: 416
I also didn't want flowers...not into them really and they always seemed to cause hassle at weddings (not being delivered on time or to the correct place, wilting, impossible to attach buttonholes etc). I chose peacock buttonholes were actually hair pieces that I got in Penny's, they clipped on really easily as they had a slide and a pin, and I also made peacock feather fans for the BMs. For myself I had a white feather bouquet, which I also made. Didn't take long at all, and I could also use them as other elements eg in the order of service, on the fg baskets. Also I was able to distribute the buttonholes to Dh family the night before, so no chasing around on the day for them. For your ceremony, unless your venue is very plain flowers won't be required... most churches are so ornate the flowers are lost in them and are not even noticable, and there are loads of other options as already mentioned, like candles and lanterns, and also tulle looks really pretty as pew ends. Also I was at a wedding recently where the bride and BM wore corages instead of carrying a bouquet, again, this could be made from anything you like and it frees up your hands, when you are walking down the aisle you are linking arms usually so you don't even miss having something to hold. Be prepared though, lots of people are horrified at the thought of a wedding without might be worth just saying yes, you have the flowers sorted when people ask if you decide not to use them!
sshh Posts: 416
For the poster that thinks they may need to get something for the altar, could a very ornate candle holder work instead? That way you get to have a candle holder in your home after as a reminder...just a thought :)
Goldielocked Posts: 190
[quote="suilegorma":1fgd5jvg]For the poster that thinks they may need to get something for the altar, could a very ornate candle holder work instead? That way you get to have a candle holder in your home after as a reminder...just a thought :)[/quote:1fgd5jvg] This is what I had planned at first but when booking the church, I asked if there was a fee. receptionist said no, but if we could leave the flowers behind as a gift, that would be great! So maybe a very simple, long flower display and somehow place our candles in the flowers on a nice stand that we can keep afterwards?!?!
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
I'm not spending a penny on flowers for the wedding. My bridesmaid will be carrying tea lights in glass holders and a friend is making me a bouquet as a gift. I am using candles else-where (a relation is buying me a load as a gift) and I am buying homemade button holes (feathers) off etsy that I can sell on then afterwards. I also agree that flowers are often lost in the church. I was at a wedding that had ivy on the church windows with candles and it was absolutely lovely -she did it herself. Bouquets are only used for the photos and are then dumped to one side. To me they weren't worth the cost. Goldielocked just tell them your not having flowers so you can't leave them behind. My friend refused to leave her flowers behind because she loved them so much.