Alternative to godparents. No christening.

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reine Posts: 1771
Our baby will not be christened. Just wondering if anyone else who hasn't gone down (or doesn't intend to) the christening route, has had godparents (by a different name, of course) for their children. If so, what did you call them? Sorry, that's all very confusing. Hopefully some of you will know what I mean. Also, if you didn't have a christening, did you have a naming ceremony/welcome to the world party? Or not...?
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
We had a humanist naming ceremony for our one in my folks' gaff. We went with Humanist Ireland because we wanted a neutral figure to oversee a quasi-formal introduction. It was the first formal get together of the families, and we knew it would help to have someone skilfully facilitate proceedings and delicately bring everyone on board whilst acknowledging the perceived novel way we were doing things. We had a mixed audience in many ways. We both chose someone to take the godparent role; both women as it turned out. A lot of literature refers to mentors or guide-parents. We didn't get hung up on the title really. This was acknowledged in a light-hearted way during the ceromony. I've heard one of them refer to herself as Godmother, and the other Fairy Godmother. I prefer chief cinema escort/agony aunt/baby-sitter but I'll settle for their delusions of grandeur.
reine Posts: 1771
Excellent. Makes things very clear for me and sets me on a path. I really like the idea of the humanist ceremony. Think we'll be going with that!
Sassypants Posts: 4461
We're not going to be christening our little one but I do refer to my little sister as his "Fairy Godmother" because if we did have a christening she is who we would have. And maybe himself's brother. Humanist ceremony sounds great, might give that a lash at some point.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
I know someone who had a Naming Ceremony/Naming Day in their house just and they kinda did it themselves. They just introduced the baby and explained why they chose the name and who he was named after etc. And then both Grannies said something I think, welcoming the baby to the family. They didn't have Godparents as such, I wasn't there now, I just know them so I'm not sure what they called them instead. Possibly witnesses or something? Or sponsors maybe. Then they had a cake and food and champagne and toasted the baby and had a bit of a party! Just an idea if you fancied doing it yourself rather than involving an outside organisation, it's totally doable. You can even get Naming Day cards in the shops now so lots of people are doing it that way. Best of luck!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
We just had a party in the house with a cake for dd, we didn't do any speach or have "godparents", it was a christmas so it was a nice get together too for both families. Sometimes I feel like we should have had an actual ceremony but we really didn't want too much expense plus if it was more official I think people would feel obliged to get cards/gifts so didn't want to do that but this time for ds Im debating about whether to do something more official and make a nice day out of it - we could also include dd in it - 2 birds 1 stone and all that.
platinumbride Posts: 751
We wont be christening our (future) children either. I dont think anyone will be surprised or have a mixed reaction since we married in a symbolic ceremony and had legal civil ceremony in private. (and with me being very obviously athiest). I do think its a lovely idea to have a naming ceremony and a "welcome to the world" party for baby. Thats what I imagine we will do. A nice way of introducing them into the family and for everyone to share in their excitement at the baby being here. It could be really really lovely. love your idea of chief cinema goer/babysitter too TisOnlyMyself! :) Guideparents is quite a good name, hadnt thought of that so will use it. Although I know Dad will probably still refer to them as Godparents...what can ya do sure.
Merrion Posts: 172
We are probably going to have a Unitarian Church Baptism - on the website this is what it says in relation to promises undertaken "Mentors/God Parents/Anam Cáirde promise the “parents their love and support in their task of being parents”."
whoop whoop Posts: 1616
We don't plan on christening/baptising either but I still think we'll use the word 'godparents'. I guess the word feels accurate to me because no godparent I've known has actually taken on the role of 'spritual/religious guidance' so I've always just known them as 'that special adult in your life who's not your parent', which is what we're looking for. And I figured everyone would just use the word godparent anyhow...
mammy2011 Posts: 1388
I was asked to be sponsor to a relatives child. My OH is the other sponsor. No ceremony or anything but we are there is needed, in the same way a godparent would be i guess. I refer to her as my godchild though but more because its easier than explaining to people!