Alternative to Mass Booklet

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1978 Posts: 113
Hi Folks, I'm just wondering if anybody has any alternative to a Mass booklet? I don't want to do a scroll either as they are quite difficult to keep open. I think a full Mass Booklet is a bit of a waste as people don't really read it all but I do want to have something. Any suggestions welcome!!! Thanks
sol83 Posts: 13
I was looking at doing something like the photos below. Nice idea to have fans instead of standard booklets and very pretty I think. [attachment=1:cyxqgb4r]713_1604_large.jpg[/attachment:cyxqgb4r] [attachment=0:cyxqgb4r]cp-fanprogram.jpg[/attachment:cyxqgb4r]
1978 Posts: 113
wow Sol83, they're really impressive. I'd love something like that. Are you doing them yourself or getting them made for you? I was hoping to get something done diy. Thanks
sol83 Posts: 13
thinking of doing them myself. They should be straight forward. Some nice paper printed back and front and then cut out by hand using a template...will have to get a conveyor belt system going!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
What about a tall narrow one, tied at the top with ribbon. It could be just one a4 page cut down the middle and attached at the top with some ribbon. [attachment=0:k28h9zcj]pic6_1.jpg[/attachment:k28h9zcj] [img:k28h9zcj][/img:k28h9zcj]