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elliedoyle1975 Posts: 9
Hi there, we are getting married in Dec in Summerhill House in Enniskerry. We are early 40's , have 2 kids and frankly i'd feel a bit of an idiot walking down the aisle with my dad 'giving me away' (also i got married at 23 so have had a short marraige previously!). I would love to hear from anyone who bypassed this bit of the ceremony, how did you do it? We are having a humanist ceremony in the hotel for about 80 people and then a big informal party after. I was thinking that himself and myself could just wander in casually to the room where everyone is mingling and having a drink pre-ceremony and then all go into the ceremony room together. has anyone done anything like this - i wouldnt ;mind giving it a bit of the wow factor, would love ideas to make it still a special event without the walk down the aisle malarkey! thanks
Brendan Galvin Films Posts: 15
Hi Ellie, I filmed a humanist wedding a while ago and like that they didnt want the walking down the isle factor. The Groom came to her room in the Hotel when she was ready and that was a lovely moment... Then they mingled with guests beforehand and came into the room together when every one was seated first, without music or any big hullabulu... One negative I could see was that everyone was surrounding the bride beforehand and she was getting flustered and men kissing her messing up makeup and people hugging her messing her hair... Maybe walking in with your groom instead of the traditional way might be significant enough to show its a little different this time and maybe have your kids walk in with you too and walk up as a family officially uniting, and kiss your Dad at the top?? Its just a thought... usually at humanist ceremonies like that the isle wont be very long at all either so it might be more relaxed a less of a big deal for you..?? Best of luck :)
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
[quote="Brendan Galvin Films":2wldotya] maybe have your kids walk in with you too and walk up as a family officially uniting, and kiss your Dad at the top?? [/quote:2wldotya] That sounds like a lovely idea
MRSDK2B Posts: 46
A friend of mine walked up the aisle with her partner. I thought it was just SO beautiful as they were childhood sweethearts, it just made so much sense. Her father had passed away so there was no "giving away". They did the first look and then walked in together. Another thing you could do is change the seating arrangements so it's not so much an aisle as a room with maybe chairs in a semi circle or a circle or something that there is no real aisle to even walk down!
MollyTipp Posts: 11
I'm also hoping to do this. Dread the thought of having to 'walk up the aisle' and my dad 'give me away'. So I've proposed that we meet in the hotel when everyone is seated and walk out to the garden where we're getting the blessing together. I'll hopefully have the seating arranged in a semi circle like MRSDK2BE suggested so we can walk up the side to the front.
denlo Posts: 124
We photographed a wedding last year where the groom went back up the aisle from the altar to meet his bride-to-be coming down. He met her at the half way point and then walked back up with her. It was actually quite funny because no one knew what was happening (except us and the best man). The other guests thought he was doing a runner :o0 But it was lovely and the two of them got a huge cheer from everyone as they made their way back up to the altar.
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Qmary Posts: 1
We're getting married in Feb 2017 and having a humanist ceremony. I also hated the idea of walking down the aisle. We have 2 children and have decided to walk into ceremony room as a Family. Nice to hear of others thinking off and doing the same :lvs