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2009scotlass Posts: 6
Hi all, I posted yesterday looking for some supplier info but otherwise am new to this site,,, I am having what would probably be called an alternative wedding ... alternative in so much as it is not your typical church and venue wedding. We are having a registry office wedding here in scotland and then heading home to ireland where we will have a humanist ceremony and a celebration of marriage and culture in a heated marquee in my in laws garden..on st patricks day. we are looking at about 180 guests including 28 children,,, both myself and h2b are from large families and everything is being paid for by my in laws as they are well off and happy to do this... However even though money is no object I do not wish to pay ludicrous ammounts of money for things that can be got for much less such as photographers and videographers and so on,.... so can anyone or everyone recommend a supplier they have used/plan to use who they found to be a) reliable/accessible and b) good value. we are looking for everything from ceremony music to childcare except for flowers and possibly photographer( thanks to a reccommendation made earlier) thanks everyone... and sorry for long post I am panicking at how late we have left everything... Thank you 2009ScotLass
kitten_77 Posts: 826
pm'd you a recommendation for a photographer