Am devastated - my dress is gone:(

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SparkleX Posts: 1057
Oh I am so upset and annoyed at myself. Found the dress of my dreams last week but me being me had to give myself a few days to think about it. We were abroad for a long weekend and wanted to be sure before buying it. Rang this morning and its sold - 2 days ago....its a range they dont make anymore so I have no hope of getting it. Have rang all the other stockists of La Sposa on the off chance but no luck.... It's my own fault I know...but I'm so upset!
lil miss giggles Posts: 144
aw blondie that's such a pity. :action32 have u tried any of the online stores from the states - like gownsales or house of brides? 1 of my bridesmaids dresses wasnt in the new brochure but i was able to get it - worth a try!
caitcurran Posts: 159
Can the shop not order one in for you? Can you not order it online? :xxx
caitcurran Posts: 159
Sorry i just re-read your post and noticed you said they no longer make it :-8
SparkleX Posts: 1057
Its from the 2006 collection so they don't make it anymore.... I'm searching for any online stores that stock La Sposa but not having much luck with such an old range...
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
Did you try the woman that owns the bridal studio in Stradbally
NY07 Posts: 90
try rkbridal they stock La Sposa....
SparkleX Posts: 1057
[quote="shellyaug09":2y2o76ht]Did you try the woman that owns the bridal studio in Stradbally[/quote:2y2o76ht] That was actually where I saw the dress..... Tried RK Bridal but they dont have it... Will have to keep on trawling the net!
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
Ah no. O:| O:| O:|
TheG Posts: 309
Hi Blondie09, what LaSposa design was it?. Bride to Be in Dundalk have some of the older season LaSposa dresses on sale still. check out [url:2kr84ort][/url:2kr84ort]