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Mrs EJ Posts: 365
Hi girls... Havnt been on for a while...popping in and out! Anyway could do with some advice if yas dont mind! Think I might be pg, have taken about 4 tests and all have come back neg..briefly...did the deed with dh on the 16th July, got my af on teh 21st, wasnt as heavy as my normal one but lasted about 3 - 4 days. Day b4 i got them my aunt died and we were we flying out on holidays, which we did so put my af been not so heavy down to those reasons. Then on the 28th I had a browny / red light spotting (sorry) for about 4 days when on the 4th day I got a period for 2 days. Now to say i am all over the place is an understatement! As I said I have taken 4 tests & all have been neg...took one this am. I think most definately if I was pg I would have some amount of hcg in my urine. I have had mild period cramps for the last few days also as well as lower back pain, tingling in my breasts (not sore or heavy) but I normally get these when I am due my af. I think at this stage I am just convincing myself tht I am pg but when really I doubt if I am......can anyone shed some light or just tell me to snap out of it that am not pg and just keep on trying :| Thks girls ;)
susanm Posts: 6
I think if you are, the slightest bit of hcg does make even a faint line appear.
andypandy28 Posts: 553
I think If you got pregnant on the date that you think then you would be around six weeks by now, so you would def have hcg in your urine as the baby would be forming into a little person already by now. Four negative tests show that you are not pregnant. Don’t worry you are not mad at all you just really want this. The best thing to do is to forget that you are trying and wait to see what happens. I know its hard when you really want something but if you relax it will happen for you. Good luck.
Mrs EJ Posts: 365
Thanks girls! Your right Andypany, just think I needed to hear it from someone else :? I just had convinced myself that I was but with everything that had been going on in the last month my af's are all over the place!! As you said will just have to keep on trying... ;)