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im waiting Posts: 2727
I'm currently looking into having my Hens for December but I'm wondering is it too early to book it for this time of year? Also, if you were asked to a Hens this close to Christmas (18th December), would you go? The main reason I'm having it then is my friend, who is one of my Bridesmaids and lives in Australia will be back for Xmas but wont be back again until the Weekend before my Wedding the following March
Vicky1274 Posts: 181
OK not sure about hen's parties but my birthday is 16th Dec and no one can EVER make it...even my 30th was a disaster, there was literally me and 2 friends who turned up, everyone says they will def come out for drinks but one by one they drop off on the day and generally its because they have no money that close to Christmas, and also it is Christmas party season....just a word to the wise, bear all this in mind when you are planning your night....I had my 21st in January and couldn't believe how many people turned up, we even ran out of food, generally January is quiet and no one has anything to do so will turn up to social events....
im waiting Posts: 2727
thats right, I forgot about the Xmas party season O:| I dont think I could do it for January as my friend is only back until before New Years :o(
Bluelagoon Posts: 650
as said above a few of my mates birthdays are in dec and nobody is ever free. Could you organise a night out as a pre-hen ask some really close friends is they'd like to go that way you'll have a night with your friend from overseas then a night with rest of family and friends
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i dont think i would go to a hens the week before christmas. there is just too much going on and am generally broke after all the pressie buying. the only thing i would say is that maybe do the hen to suit you. of course you want your friend there but sometimes not everyone can go. my best friend who is my bridesmaid is having her hen when i am on honeymoon. obviously i wont be able to go but she needs to do it when it is suitable to her and im ok with that. i think january is a great idea. although if you are not doing it in december then do it closer to whenever wedding is. HTH