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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Hi girls Haven't been on for aaaaages.... I'm plagued with doubts now that the wedding date is creeping closer....some other people I know have got engaged in the last while and planned their weddings and some are on Saturdays or in cheaper venues (guest accommodation wise) etc Can someone reassure me that I'm ok in what we've done? We picked Barberstown Castle but they want a min of 120 for Saturday nights and we're only having 80 - 100, so we picked a Friday. Is that wrong? The accommodation is really expensive there, but we're going to pass details on of other accommodation in the area, and we're paying for our bridal party. So is that fair enough - anyone who has to pay their own way can choose to stay elsewhere if they like. And we picked February largely based on venue availability....we could have picked something in Oct / Nov this year and then we wouldn't have had to wait for a year....but we liked the venue and decided to go with February cos it would give us more I liked the idea of a winter wedding. My mother was commenting that people wouldn't hang on outside the church to chat like they normally do at weddings cos it will be February. I suppose I just feel a bit like I picked winter...and a weeknight (though it is Friday) and an expensive venue....but on the other hand people say that Barberstown is fabulous, that Friday is no problem to most people and it means it doesn't take up their weekend...and lots of people have winter weddings, and surely it's our choice? Sorry I know it's bold to post looking for reassurance, but just hope someone will tell me that our plans are fine !!! I really should get back to the to-do list....lots left to do....getting stressed...just back from holidays and the ticker is SCARY....
shobie Posts: 1437
Ah Grunge Bride, your wedding sounds fabulous. Weather is usually that lovely bright frosty winters sunshine in Feb and the venue is amazing. Friday is a fine day to get married and as soon as you let people know the date they will make arrangements to have the time off..... People can make their own decisions regarding the accomodation, just give them plenty of choice... HTH :wv
lil-star Posts: 3149
dont worry :-8 im the same, cut my numbers down to 100, picked a friday date and getting married in a ridiculously overpriced but beautiful castle.... i used to think friday dates were..... but now im one ive changed my way of thinking! most ppl consider friday the weekend and wouldnt be opposed to taking the day off work! now breathe..... :o0
ginger nut Posts: 5989
and a february wedding will give eveyone something to look forward to during the long dull days after christmas.
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Grunge Bride i was at a wedding in august and it was freezing and everyone stuck around at the church, everyone was on a high after the lovely ceremony so don't worry about it. my cousin and h2bs cousin are both getting married in february next year as well and the cold hasn't been mentioned once! Friday weddings are fine, people like having the whole weekend to recover!! The hotel i've picked are limited in the amount of rooms they have so i'm giving a list of other hotels and b and bs in the area and people can make up their own mind on where they want to stay.
Enchantress Posts: 1509
I wouldnt be worrying :wv I dont like weekday weddings but I dont mind Friday ones...ok i just contradicted myself there but i dont really consider a Friday a weekday - Friday is like the start of a weekend for me and I would have no bother taking a day off work! I must have a look at that venue, its very popular! You ticker is creeping alond nicely - lucky you :thnk
aoifem79 Posts: 475
Grunge bride don't worry friday is a great date for a wedding I have been to loads and enjoyed them all. On a personal note I live very near barberstown and it is such a gorgeous venue but I think that the winter and spring months make the place look amazing. All the ivy against the budding trees wow just lovely in photos. Plus a very good friend had her own wedding there and had an brilliant day. The food was fabulous and the staff were incredible. Have a brilliant day :o)ll :o)ll
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Thanks girls, appreciate the kind words! Reading another thread about Barberstown reminded me that they also don't offer a choice, another little "bad" against me / us for our choice. But everyone who's got married there raves about the food and they do alternatives, so hopefully it'll be fine. I do think the venue will be lovely but just hope all the guests will come despite it being a Friday, and won't quibble about lack of menu choice / accommodation cost, or anything else about our arrangements. I really would like to please everyone, though I know we have to please ourselves first. But when people come out with comments when they thought you'd do one thing and hear your plans and say "oh, are you not having X", it does hurt, and makes you wonder "am I being stupid and making crappy plans?" I don't think so, we're being so thorough, but a summer wedding on a Saturday in a venue that still had summer Saturdays available when we were looking, and offered the most generic menu in the world....well, it just wouldn't be us. If nothing else, we never seem to take the easy path!!!!! GingerNut, can't believe you're so near the big day for you! How are you feeling?
Mama2 Posts: 1230
Hi Grungebride, I'm getting married on a Friday in February and even though I don't consider the hotel to be that expensive I've had people giving out about the cost. I think that you have to realise you can't please all the people all the time and just let them off. As for people hanging around the church, I think that people will bring coats and be prepared for the weather. The weather is so unpredictable in this country that you could have that problem any day of the year. I drove H2B made this summer when we woke up nearly every Saturday to pouring rain, I'd say well we could have decided on a summer wedding and be getting married today. Don't worry about it. Enjoy your plans and the people who mean the most to you will go along with you happily. F*ck the begrudgers :o0
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
Hey Grunge Bride, sounds like you have an amazing day planned, I wouldn't worry about it being on a Friday, sure Friday is the weekend anyway, its mid-week weddings most ppl dont take kindly to but absolutely nothing wrong with a Friday. As some posters already said, you can't please everyone and the day is about you and H2B, once you enjoy the day, the people who care about you won't care about price of places to stay etc, just give them plenty of options i.e. other hotels, B&Bs, that way they can decide how much they want to spend on accommodation. I think you have it all covered though. As for what your mam said about outside the church, this is absolute nonsense, we were at a wedding in March this year and it was freezing outside, it didn't stop anyone from yapping away outside, the weather is that unpredictable here anyway, you could have arranged a summer wedding and it could be snowing, look at that way. Chin up and stop worrying so much about other ppl, just think of the great day you are going to have, that is the main thing, isn't it?