am i being a jezebel???

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earthangel Posts: 269
ok the post is not as exciting as it sounds!! :o0 i am strongly considering wearing a red wedding dress, wasnt planned but i fell in love with one last week. my mam is having a hernia and says i will look like a jezebel!! :o0 ironically the dress is called "jezebel" by hollywood dreams !!! its not on their website but if you google the words hollywood dreams will see the infamous dress! anyway two questions for yis.... 1. will the priest think im a jezebel and do they frown upon red wedding dresses??? and 2. what colour veil could you wear with a red dress??? i really want a veil! dont ya just love the word jezebel!!! :o0 :o0 >:o)
pinkbabe Posts: 540
LOVE the word LOVE the dress LOVE your nerve & if you want it & you LOVE it then huni you buy it & you wear it!!! :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv I think you should go for, if it's the dress you fell in love, and it gave you the oh WOW.. I don't think the priest will think your a Jezebel, he might even say to you, well fair play to you for being drifferent.. I have to say i love when a bride turns up wearing something completely drifferent than white or ivory.. I won't seriously worry about your Mam, when the day comes and you have the whole colour scheme sorted (BM's colours, Flowers etc), it will be amazing, i just think maybe she would have loved you to wear a traditional colour dress, being her Daughter and all. but she will be so proud of you on the day, that she will love whatever your wearing.. As for your veil, i have no idea.. Did you get ur dress in a Bridal shop, if so have they any suggestions?, Can they dye the viel to suit? If you got it on the web i would download a picture and bring it to a bridal shop..
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Here you go... [img:3k75ziri][/img:3k75ziri] [img:3k75ziri][/img:3k75ziri] You could try it with a veil trimmed with red, like the one in this pic, but the white veil might look a bit odd. Or maybe you could get a small red mantilla instead of a veil? [img:3k75ziri][/img:3k75ziri]
Faireez Posts: 973
OMG!!!!!! is all I can say. Pure fabulous. It looks soooo glamorous. Ur Mam mightn't be so bad if u suggest some sort of cream of white bolero, shrug, or long white coat to go over. seen something like that somewhere. Can't remember where. Still, lovin it. Feck everyone else. It's ur day
Anonymous Posts: 24542
oh wow, what a fab dress! i would love to have the nerve to wear it!! you should go for it if it's what you really want!
earthangel Posts: 269
girls ye are fab!!! :xxx thanks for the positive votes! think ill go for it! it is a stunner of a guna!!! :lvs
pinkbabe Posts: 540
It most certainly is & if you ask in the bridal shops they will advise you about veils. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll bet ur so excited now :o)ll :o)ll
earthangel Posts: 269
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll TOTALLY :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs
.... Posts: 667