Am I being over sensitive?

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misssaucie Posts: 258
Hi girls, 2 of my close friends are married and they have been the "smug married" hounding me about my other half about getting engaged since we were probably only about a year together. They assumed my OH was not committed to me because we left it so long to get engaged but the reality was that we are in our early 30s now and loved our free and single years without any pressure of coming up with money we [b:35v8xnwh]wouldn't [/b:35v8xnwh]have had at the time to spend on a big day and we feel the time is right now. We are together 5 years now and he proposed with an amazing 2.55 carat solitaire last month and I think the green eyed monster is beginning to raise it's ugly head! My friends don't even ask to try on my ring O:| Their attitude towards me lately is nothing short of hostile :o( my sister who is married ( I was her bridesmaid and she will be mine) rarely talks about my big day and I just feel like I've spent the last few years putting my time and effort into other peoples lives, eg weddings, babies etc and now that my time has come it's like people dont like it that the limelight is off them. Am I being silly and over sensitive?
MrsChuffed Posts: 872
Honestly, yes, I do think you are over-sensitive. When it's a long engagement,people loose interest. It has nothing to do with the size of your ring.
Doggysmile Posts: 188
Sounds like they could be a bit more excited with you about this. I think that maybe once people have done it themselves, its not so exciting to them anymore. Im not yet married and anyone who talks about their engagement or upcoming wedding has me jumping up and down clapping my hands together like an idiot in excitement for them....but its partly because Im so enamored with the idea of me getting engaged/married. If I already was, I dont know that Id be so delighted at the news. Pleased for the person for sure but maybe my excitement would be rather low key. Try not to hold it against them, and if they really are good friends, why dont you say you are a bit disappointed they seem so unresponsive about this big big news in your life.
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
[quote="MrsChuffed":21ujxb0y]Honestly, yes, I do think you are over-sensitive. When it's a long engagement,people loose interest. It has nothing to do with the size of your ring.[/quote:21ujxb0y] She's only engaged a month, thats not long at all. No hun, its ok to feel sensitive this issue. I was disappointed when 2 of my 'easily excitable' friends barely said 2 words for me when I got engaged. Other people have since told me that they get impression that its jealousy. I dont entirely understand why, but thats just how some people are. Consider yourself a bigger person in that you would be the type to do backflips if something as fantastic as that happend to someone close to you. Dont let it get you down, they still love you to pieces, they are just a little absent minded when it comes to YOUR needs (even if its something as simple as asking once in a while how plans are going) xxx
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I think it's a mix of both - of course you're entitled to want friends etc to be interested in your engagement & wedding plans! You make a point of saying the size of your diamond - do you mention that to your friends? Personally that would pi$$ me off!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
When I told my friends that I was engaged, my CBM went bananas-in the good way! She was shrieking down the phone and was so excited, it was lovely. The other friend was the total opposite, she just said "Ooh that's lovely" It didn't really dampen the mood because I've learnt that thats the way she is. Even when she very oddly hid her engagemnent ring in her pocket before she told myself and other friend that she was getting married. Understandably we would've seen it from the door of the restaurant because it was a ROCK!! But even when she was telling us her news she wasn't as hyper as most girls are. I know everyones different-I get more excited about finding a clean bra in my wardrobe!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 Her whole family rarely show emotion, I think it's just that some people get totally excited whereas others just do the niceties. I just go loo-lah when I hear of an impending wedding! :o0 You'd think I was the one getting hitched, I send whoever is the latest bride to be or hubby to be, as much info I still have from my wedding. I'm constantly emailing them with tips-one of my ideal jobs would be a wedding planner.
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
i think its attack of the green eyed monster, i have a big rock too & people act funny! they say v rude/checky comments or don't even mention my ring when they have obviously seen it! (& they best bit is its from people who you'd never think were like that!)
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
[quote="NYEbride2010":1zf4htze] (& they best bit is its from people who you'd never think were like that!)[/quote:1zf4htze] So true.. im dead suprised at the pals of mine who are not reacting at all
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
i have to say, some of it i was a bit hurt by. :o( i would never say to anybody their ring was small/cheap or whatever... everybody's ring is special to them & not a measure of their worth or H2B love.
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
are you for real?? Did people really say those things? OMG i would wipe those ''friends'' off your xmas card list i were you pet xx