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lilygilly Posts: 196
Hi girls we had our 34 week scan today. everything looks great tg. Lo wouldn't cooperate however and had it's hands up to it's face nothing we did would encourage it to move. Once it kinda moved it's little arms and we got a little pic of the face. whatever way it was the poor little pet looks kinda weird in the pic and definitely has hubbys nose god love it. But when my.aunt and cousin saw it they practically balked at the picture, oh jaysus was the only comment. I'm devastated they were so horrible I know I am probably over sensitive at the moment but can't stop crying.
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
That is insensitive of them but remember at this stage there isn't an awful lot of room in there and it's hard to get a good clear photo. I had a scan a little later than you but in the pic DS looks like the elephant man. I can happily confirm that he is a handsome little boy!
FutureWife Posts: 298
That's so rude and so upsetting for you . I don't think I would show it to people but probably excitement would get the better of me . All babies are beautiful , even the scrunched up day one bruised face ! What a sad individual to make such a stupid comment . I've a nice Russian roulette to look forward to with noses too !
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I presume you are talking about a 3d picture? Was it her first time seeeing one? I know it's no excuse but I rememer thinking the first time I saw one that it was really freaky and couldn't believe the detail etc. Maybe that's what she kinda meant?
lilygilly Posts: 196
Thanks girls was probably just being extremely over sensitive. What really got to me was if thats what they were like to my face they were definitely going to be talking about me behind my back! I think my first protective mothering instincts kicked in! No it wasn't her first time she would have seen her grandaughters one. She has kinda just been getting to me a lot of comments have been made like they hope my baby is a boy coz another little girl really wouldn't be fair on their grandchild etc. this was just the last straw not going to stand for anyone insulting my beautiful baby!!! Thanks for letting me vent!!!!
chicabride Posts: 453
How insensitive and a bit of stupid carry on from your aunt. I would expect that sort of jealousy from a young child not a grandmother. Any 3d scans I have seen the baby always looks a bit weird. But I can assure you when your baby is born it will be the best looking little baby you have ever seen and you will feel sorry for all the other Mammys on the ward cause their baby is not as good looking as yours.