Am I crazy to be thinking about chairs?

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Daisy Row Posts: 3650
I've seen these chairs at weddings before and think they really look gorgeous especially for a spring wedding. Would I be totally bonkers to rent different chairs for the wedding? Here are some pics of what I had in mind although the ones available to me have the cushion 'built in' if that makes sense. I have the bows included in my venue package so it would just be the cost of the chairs (around €750 including delivery).
grazia Posts: 740
They are lovely chairs but i think its a totally unessesary expense tbh. People wont notice & you'll get more bang for your buck if you put the money elsewhere. Saying all that though - if you love them & you have a big budget go for it! Also i think those chairs looks far nicer without bows.
mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
Awh Brown2b, I absolutely love those chairs so much. I was originally hoping to get married in California and was in touch with a few hotels over there and they all use those chairs. i just think they make the room look fab, far better than the white chair covers over here. I had no idea you could even get them over here until I saw a picture on one wedding events companys website, however I found some of their other products expensive so I didn't even chance asking how much chair rental would be. I really would love to have them but presumed they'd at least be €5 a chair if not more so I gave up on the idea and decided to provide other entertainment for our guests instead as I know they wouldn't get the deal with the chairs and probably wouldn't even notice. Its so annoying though as every american tv show or film that has a wedding in it has those chairs and its just so disappointing I can't have them. even h2b sees them and goes look theres your chairs. I suppose I can just keep dreaming in my head. If you have the budget for it, definately go for it. I wouldn't be too fussed on the bows though, think they look better on their own but thats just me.
buddylove Posts: 3288
You're crazy!! :o0 ... No they are beautiful and actually I do think people will notice them as they are totally different... But do I think people will think its an effort you made or the hotel get all the credit... Probably the hotel will get all if any of the credit for it! Some people think its ok to spend up to E10 per invite, some people pay E6- E10 per favour,some pay thousands for flowers, others put a photobooth and have no problem spending E1000 on that and more spend a fortune on chocolate fountains.. Who questions them? You might think thats mental but thats their choice and if you can afford the cost of the chairs and YOU and your OH really want them , then go for it!! I probably wouldn't bother with the expense and put it to something else but thats because it wouldn't really be in the budget for it.. But I do have cars and other things that some brides think is a waste so do what you want! They wont make or break the wedding though!
Bridester Posts: 920
Hi, I was also mad on these chairs when I first got engaged and saw them featured at all the US weddings. I was initially thinking that I'd love that look, that lovely spring summer garden party look but then I just got realistic to my budget and what's available. Like the other poster said though, they are fab and if you really want them go for it (I also prefer without bows). They are super gorgeous - would they tie in with your venue?
lolly2010 Posts: 707
The chairs are gorgeous, i think if you have the budget to cover the expense then go for it :wv
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Ah they are lovely and if they would add a lot but not sure if I would personally spend 750 on them, however if you have the budget...? People spend crazy money on things like choc fountains, pre dinner entertainers etc so it's all relative to your budget. Funny chairs do add a lot....our venue is realy rustic and has these white country chairs as below. I love them and it ties in with the theme really well (I'm have jam jars with wildflowers for centrepieces). However they are the venue chairs and I prob wouldn't have spent anything for bringing in chairs...but then again we've spent a lot in other area's so it's all relative to your budget and your priorities. I do agree people will assume they were the hotels.... It's really up to you- they will add a wow factor but then you could probably do something pretty great with the venue as it is.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Much prefer them without the bows also
Bridester Posts: 920
AmandaMc I love, love, love your chairs. Saw them featured in Confetti and went wild for them. I would have totally gone for the Millhouse if I'd been close enough as it's so perfect. Grrr!
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
[quote="Bridester":3204nowp]AmandaMc I love, love, love your chairs. Saw them featured in Confetti and went wild for them. I would have totally gone for the Millhouse if I'd been close enough as it's so perfect. Grrr![/quote:3204nowp] Ah thanks Bridester it's a great venue!! Spoiled for choice with venues this part of the country....all those US blogs like stylemepretty had me obsessed with that rustic/country theme so couldn't believe it when we stumbled across the millhouse, it was purely by accident!