Am I having a Miscarraige

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Bright12 Posts: 1
I was in A&E yesterday after having a brownish discharge they did a scan and baby has heart beat Im approx 6-7weeks came home very pleased with myself until i had a small bit of blood after going to the loo when I wiped today I had a snot like discharge (only way I can discribe it) it was stringy looking and fleshy Im very worried has any ne else experienced this, I am on Lutinus progesterone (inserted vaginally) because of previous mc's. Am I having another miscarraige?
pinky winky Posts: 564
Just wanted to say try and stay positive. Its a good sign that they could see a heartbeat so early. Maybe just try to rest a bit extra. Fingers crossed everything will be ok.
mamabrod Posts: 830
Try not worry hun, i am pg on my first baby and 6 weeks i have no previous exp but i did have a bit of brownish discharge after i found out i was pg, i rang doc and he said not to worry and just rest up, he said if having mc would have severe cramps and havy bleeding, the fact they saw heartbeat i wouldnt worry as apparently after they see that the risk of mc is reduced xxx
theoracle Posts: 7664
If you are taking progesterone supplement it can also sometimes increase teh chance of cervical polyps, I had one on dd2 and that was causing constant bleeds, bloody discharge sometimes brown, sometimes red and sometimes pink, and different consistencies also - not every bleed means that there is a m/c. Wish you all the best.