Am i in Labour?

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star sun 1 Posts: 1456
Hi Girls, Im 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Yesterday i noticed my back was getting quite sore plus on and off period like pains..... not bad at all though. Then last night i was waking up every hour or so with back pain...... at 5am i honestly felt like i had my period so went to toilet and there was allot of blood ( like the end of a period, not fresh blood but brown and red) sorry TMI! Bleeding stopped but would have almost filled a sanity towel. The pains were then coming every 20 minutes but not too bad ( just like bad period pains ), nothing to what ive been told labour is meant to be like. Still have back pain on and off but not every 20 minutes now. Im just wondering could this be labour starting? Dont want to be going into hospital yet if its not. Its my 1st baby so not really sure what to expect :-8
funnymummy Posts: 329
yep id say your on your way star sun,esp if they are coming every 20 mins. when i was in labour with my ds it was all in my back and it took me ages to realise it was actual should get stronger and more frequent over time.keep yourself busy as the whole waiting would drive you in 4 days over now,had a show yest morn and mucus since tmi and was convinced i was going to go last night and nope not a twinge..another long day ahead... ill be thinking of you..
theoracle Posts: 7664
Star sun, please go to the hospital to be checked. The amount of blood you describe would not be the amount one would normally associate with a bloody show. If all is ok and you are not in established labour I am sure they would be willing to let you go again, but I do really think you should get checked out regardless.
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd go to the hospital to get chekced. Sounds like you're on your way. While the blood show is not normal try not to worry too much. It sounds very smiliar to mine cause I had cervical erosion. It's nothing to worry about but they do need to monitor it as it could be the placenta in the way too. I had that early morning and DD arrived that evening! Good luck hun :o)ll